There are a lot of great fashion designers, there are many known high-end fashion houses, and there are even more bespoke tailors around the world. One of the best known and highly respected fashion house is Brioni. Currently offering suits from 3,000 to 50,000 euros in price, Brioni was established almost 60 years ago, in Rome, Italy, by high-end suit tailors Nazareno Fonticoli and Gaetano Savini. Not only is each suit handcrafted in more than 18 hours, but the house offers almost 5,000 different fabrics from which you can choose.

But enough about history, let’s get down to business. Brioni offers a few select looks for CEOs and businessmen. One of them is this grey, 3 piece suit:


From a first glance we can already see that this suit has quite a strong 1950s feeling to it. Clearly aimed for the bold, sophisticated man, this 3 piece suit offers an excellent, slim look due to it’s higher slim waist. There’s also a fine macro-check pattern that’s visible if you take a closer look at the suits. If you’re wondering about the fabrics used, I’m happy to let you know that the suit is made of a combination of wool and silk.

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The shirt underneath the suit is an elegant white shirt with a classic neckline and rounded cuffs. 100% cotton is what you want, and it’s what Brioni offers. Furthermore, the tie is made of woven silk and offers a micro-design pattern that goes well with your other suits as well.


Probably less visible were the shoes. Less visible in the pictures so far, but nonetheless important. Brioni offers one of its finest calf-skin, single monk shoes, with a slightly opaque finish. What do you think?


But what about a suit for a gala dinner? Let’s see:


Yet again, we can see from a glance that we’re talking about a superior elegant suit. However, this time, the suit is black, while the pants are a very dark blue. A fine touch to it is the shawl satin lapel, giving it a look that’s close to that of a tuxedo. The fabrics are again wool and silk, but in a different ratio.

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This time, the shirt underneath is a pleated white shirt, with a classic, pointed collar, neckline that goes great with the black bow tie. Crafted out of a smooth combination of cotton and silk, the dress shirt has french cuff links which allow you to use your favorite cuff links for the given evening. For the best look, I’d recommend a black satin-weave silk bow tie, preferably one that has adjustable side clips.


As for the shoes, Brioni offers yet another extraordinary pair of black loafers. If you look closely, the strap is suede, while the rest of the shoes is calf-skin leather.

Bear in mind that these are only two of the many offerings that Brioni has for these particular situations. Feel free to visit their online store as well, or better yet, fly to Rome if you want to get your own bespoke Brioni suit.

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