Even wonder if you are matching? Or is there something off about your outfit, but you just can’t put your finger on it? Color combinations are tricky to determine and can be devastating when chosen wrong.

There are an infinite number of colors in the world. Sure, we can stick to the standard red, blue, green etc., but within each color there is a light, dark, and bright to name a few. Men can experiment with these different colors and shades to incorporate fashion statements in their everyday wear, or even use colors to explore their own individual style. One of the easiest, and more diverse ways to express oneself is through color choice and color combinations in fashion.


Timelessly Classic


One can never go wrong with the classic intimidation of black and white. Whether combined together or mixed with some variation in shades, these colors get straight to business. Straightforward and timeless, black and white allow for one to experiment with versatility in cut and shape in their wardrobe.

TIP: When wearing all black, white, or grey, it is advised to show personality and style through the details such as shoes, watches, belts, and ties.


Fun and Quirky


A palate of pastels is known for being feminine, however this shade of colors have made their way into the men’s world becoming fashion forward and adding diversity to men’s color options. Mint, soft yellow, light violets, among others send a positive, calm vibe out to your spectators while establishing an interesting and unique trend. Pastel shades allow for an individual’s personal style to peek out with these unconventional colors, mostly found in spring and summer fashion.  

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tips to successfully pull off brightly-colored pants

Dangerously Mysterious


Black tends to be known as the successful, assertive color in menswear, however some new colors have risen to the occasion as well. Dark purple, burgundy, and navy have shown to have a similar effect in terms of exuding successfulness and class. These colors add some creativity and personal flare to the standard formal wear as well as has made a strong presence in the casual wear. While still remaining classic and sophisticated, darker shades add a sense of mystery to one’s look creating a modish and confident twist.

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Flashy and Friendly


If you like to wear bright colors, be ready for the attention! Bright orange, yellow, and pink express approachability and exuberance. Opposing the side of pastels as being more subdued and flirty, bright colors explode energy and personality. This shade is ideal for a summer day out in the sun or downtown for some day beers. Without a doubt, bright colors make a bold, unforgettable impression – especially when paired with a smile.

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Let’s Find Your Own Style

All of the above color choices are general examples, but now we get to the fun part. It is likely you are a combination of these styles and want an outfit that exposes all sides of your personality. This is where color combinations create a unique statement that expresses personal style as well as illuminates your individual self. The below combinations are suggestions, but please feel free to navigate the colors of you individuality as you so desire!


Black and Bright


In general black goes with everything. However, there are some shades of color that compliment black better than others. Black with pops of bright colors keeps the sophistication while adding some individual style to a standard look. The bright is bold enough to compliment the power of black, while still adding flare.

Remember: When combining black with lighter or darker shades, the black tends to overtake the color making the combination look out of place instead of contributing to the overall aesthetic of the outfit.

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White Light


White as well is known for matching everything, but of course there are some shades that look better than others. Since white is a naturally light color, pastel shades compliment its soft make up by incorporating color to the look while still holding onto the natural shade of the white. Darker colors combined with white create a contrast that is not as cohesive as the lighter shades causing some visual conflicts. Bright colors compliment white a little better than the darker shades, but still add some inconsistencies between the bold and subtle combination.

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Navy Aboard


Navy is an unsuspecting color that has many different sides of color and style to play on. Due to its dark nature, navy can be combined with bright colors similar to black. Navy also has a softer accenting because of the muted blue base it has allowing lighter colors to match it as well. This styling comes down to personal preference and whether you are looking to add a bold splash or a subtle dash of color. Either way, navy can hold both ends of the spectrum allowing it to be one of the more diverse colors.

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Other darker shades such as burgundy, dark purple, and forest green have similar qualities, however these colors have stronger pigment presence limiting a few combinations (such as forest green and bright red; unless is the season).

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Purple Pivot


Purple is a majestic, deep color that gives an air of sophistication and intrigue. Having the classic qualities of black combined with the blue and reddish shades, purple has made a defining presence in men’s fashion. Purple combines well with all shades of blue and red which bring out the different sides and styles of the color. Combining a darker shade of purple with bright colors gives off a playful vibe while still maintaining the refinement of the overall look. Read this article to learn more about incorporating purple in your daily style.

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Red Hot


Red is a strong, powerful color that has proven to cause hunger (true story – think about every fast food restaurant’s colors). Since red is a very aggressive color, it tends to match better with similar pantones such as pink, purple, orange, and brown.

TIP: When red is the dominate color of your outfit, it is recommended to play with the different shades to find the right color for your look.

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Orange Out


Orange is a statement color in the fashion world. Reminiscence of road workers and construction signs, orange is a bright and bold color that stands out among all other. Orange looks nice when combined with softer colors, or if one is going for a more interesting look, combining orange with other bold colors is trending in men’s fashion as well.

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The Blues


Blue is the sister color of navy and the cousin color of purple meaning it has similar qualities and color combinations. A bright blue goes well with lighter shades for a more comfortable, relaxed style while combining with brighter colors can create a strong, noticeable statement. Lighter blues naturally match better with other light colors for a softer look. Bright, bold colors with light blue create a visual contrast that can be appealing to some but unappealing to others.

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Envy This


Green is a tricky color to find fashionable combinations. The standard “grass” green that comes to mind generally matches nicely with white accenting as the white pulls the softer side of this shade. As usual, light green and dark green match well with lighter colors, however there is a classic shade of green that has a sturdy existence in men’s fashion: Khaki. Khaki or olive green is the “navy” of greens due to its subdued yet unique color allowing it to bring a sense of style to classic and dark colored outfits.

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Mellow Yellow


Yellow comes in many shades making it a diverse color with multiple combination options. Light yellow is a classic shade for spring and summer matching well with bright colors to add some energy. Darker colors work with light yellow as well, however it contrasts the brightness of the yellow causing a darker, more mysterious look.

Remember: Bright yellow goes well with other bright colors, but creates a color power struggle with darker shades.

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Pretty in Pink


Many men shy away from pink due it to feminine qualities, but pink can make a real statement in menswear. Pink on men exudes confidence, personality, and a strong sense of self and fashion. When a man chooses to put on pink over other colors, it sends out a positive and poised energy. Pink is similar to orange in that it makes a bold appearance and combines well with few colors. White draws out the softer side of pink as do lighter shades.

Remember: Black and darker shades conflict with the optimistic attitude of pink where as bright colors encourage it.

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Bring it on Brown


Brown. The standard color of the khaki pant and loafer shoes has come a long way in the fashion world. Moving out of elder closets and onto the runway, brown is a unique basic color in that it is somewhat a classier version of orange. Still a statement color, neither bolds, or pastels can compete with this timeless tint. Brown is best used to add color and twist to a classic outfit with black, white, or navy.

TIP: As there are many different shades of brown, in general, pairing brown with dull shades maintains its earthy yet aggressive nature.

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In the end it is important that your color choices and combinations reflect your personal style and personality. Fashion is about adding confidence to your daily life while expressing your individual, unique self. Bottom line – combine all the dark, bright, and pastels you want! Who are we to judge?

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