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5 Men’s Hairstyles that Women Love (#2 is Our Favorite)

Men, does your hairstyle need an update? Maybe you want to surprise your wife with a new look.  Maybe you haven’t had a date in a while and think a different hairstyle may be just the boost you are looking for. Maybe you have had some sort of life event (new job, divorce, move, etc.) [...]

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British vs Italian suits

A well-made and well-cut suit can make all the difference to your look, making you appear slimmer, more masculine and giving the impression you take pride in your appearance. Both Brits and Italians have a long tradition of suit-making and the impeccable quality of our products is known the world over. But what is the history [...]

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10 Most Popular Drinks In British Pubs

Think of the traditional British pub and you'll think of beer. Probably bitter being pulled from an old hand pump. Pubs are changing though, and they are changing quickly. According to the British Beer & Pub Association, sales of beers from pubs has dropped by 20% since the year 2000. For every five pints sold [...]

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Top 10 Tough New Metals for Men’s Wedding Bands

The traditional shiny gold wedding band has been moving away from the top of the women’s trend list for years, with many women preferring a more feminine silver or white gold, so why not take a page out of her book and go for something more manly?  There are some really interesting trends in metals [...]

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The Office Suit: Why Choosing the Right Colors is So Important

Choosing the right color for your office suit is not just so your work colleagues won't make fun of you, but it's a matter of self-confidence. See the right colors!

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Advices from Ten of the Most Popular Men’s Fashion Designers

Although women are more inclined to be conscious about how they look, there are also men out there who take time to prep and groom and fuss about what to wear. The world of fashion does not revolve solely around women. Men’s fashion designers are out in there in the arena dressing up men in [...]

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1920’s Men’s Fashion: Incorporating The Past in Today’s Trends

I know that people of today were not yet born in the 1920's. However, doesn't it intrigue you what men's fashion was during those days? Those years played a big role in the evolution of fashion, for both men and women. During that decade, there has been a big change on how both men and [...]

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Men of Style: Johnny Depp

I think that anyone that owns a TV has had to hear at least once in their life of the handsome devil called Johnny Depp. For those that have lived under a rock all these years and have just discovered the miracle of the T.V. or the internet just click here maybe that will clear out [...]

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