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How To use Your Perfume the Right Way!

I think each one of us should know at least a few basic rules about the proper usage of perfume or cologne. 1. Don't exaggerate! I'm sure you've been through this. Maybe one day you were sitting with your friends at the local bar, and a stranger walked by, leaving a very strong perfume scent [...]

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The Natural Beauty of Croatia

This is a tiny country that is situated in between the northern Italy and Slovakia. It is a small country but with plenty of beauty and splendor. Its beauty is in its variety of natural features that include sandy beaches, amazing island, sweet looking forests and national parks. There is even bigger adventure in the [...]

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Beauty Tips: Are Men Interested?

In the rhetorical question above, some may turn their heads away and not care. But then many men today become conscious of their appearance too. Because it doesn't define you, it may also be your ticket to make an impression in career, life, people you will be meeting and in your love life. Looking good [...]

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Top 10 Things to Do in Tuscany

Tuscany is the place Italian dreams are made of. World-renowned food and wine, gorgeous rolling green countryside, ancient and medieval towns perched atop hills, great shopping, famous art, and a beautiful, often overlooked coastline. While one could easily spend weeks, months, or even years exploring all that Tuscany has to offer, we have narrowed it [...]

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Being a Man is No Excuse to be a Slob: Five Tips for Looking more Spiffy

Few aspects of contemporary life matter more than dressing correctly. First impressions, whether in business, school, or private life, can make an enormous impact on people we meet, and as society becomes more casual -- making do without the old-school dress codes that used to abound in public life but have declined in recent decades [...]

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30 Tailoring Tips For Men

It can be quite challenging to get a suit that will put your best body parts in perspective, that's why we've come up with these 30 tailoring tips for men that want to feel good in their own skin. 1.Get references. You wouldn’t choose a lawyer, doctor, or realtor unless they came highly recommended, so [...]

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How To Plan A Memorable Party!

Everyone loves a great party and some are better than others. But have you ever had the opportunity to throw one yourself? A really good event can take a lot of preparation and planning. If you are thinking of holding a memorable event in the near future, please read on and see if any of [...]

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What Types Of Tea Say About You

Have you ever filled out questionnaires in magazines to find out about your character and personality? If so, you might be interested in this new way of discovering something about yourself. Researchers have found that an individual can be classified according to their tea drinking habits. Additionally, your character can be compared with the type [...]

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