Everyone loves a great party and some are better than others. But have you ever had the opportunity to throw one yourself? A really good event can take a lot of preparation and planning. If you are thinking of holding a memorable event in the near future, please read on and see if any of these useful tips can help you.

Plenty of Advance Planning!

You cannot expect to throw a party tomorrow and have a great result. All truly special parties require a lot of forward planning in order to ensure the small details are correctly in place. Remember how hectic and hurried things can seem just before the party begins, negate these by thoroughly planning every last thing in advance. If you have three or four weeks to prepare, this should be adequate notice.

Starter Dishes

At most modern parties, the starter food is pretty much all that you need to lay out for your guests. Think about the selection carefully and try to choose dishes that complement each other nicely. If you have four or five tables available, think about theming each one in an individual way. You could do worse than pick the following table themes:

  • Seafood and Sushi – Most people enjoy munching on a tasty prawn dressed up Japanese style.
  • Chinese finger food – Mini pancake rolls with dim sum dumplings
  • Indian Curry Items – Always a favourite at lively parties, include a few extra hot dishes and see your guests eyes water!
  • Vegetarian – More and more people are choosing this alternative lifestyle and you will be thanked for catering for them.


You can save some money by handwriting these yourself, but try to make them fun and individual. Think about the recipient and try to style the invitation to their particular tastes. Be specific in the time and date of your party, otherwise you could get some unwelcome early guests!


You can ask the guests to bring their own bottles, but if you want to be a perfect host you should provide the beverages. Try to cater for everyone’s needs and remember to have a plentiful supply of ice.  Think about making a tropical punch with lots of fresh fruit and spirits. Cocktails are always a hit at parties, if your budget allows you should think about hiring a cocktail waiter or waitress for the night!



The best parties are usually the ones with an amusing theme arranged for the event. You can ask guests to come in fancy dress and sit back for the embarrassing but entertaining costume choices to be revealed. Music should be non-stop and try to avoid the slower tracks until much later in the evening.


Think about your guests’ convenience and safety when organizing the parking facilities. If you live in a city centre you can instruct them to park at a centralized point and arrange taxis or pick them up yourself. Remember to consider their journey home and offer to put up a few guests if their journey is a long one.


Today’s article is the brain child of Anthony Drakes a professor in a reputable university. A fun loving guy who believes in living life to the fullest. He has kept a very close relationship with his students of both current and yester years and frequently invites them over to his house for parties. He relies on territoryeventshire.com.au for this purpose as they provide the best party hire equipment.

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