This is a tiny country that is situated in between the northern Italy and Slovakia. It is a small country but with plenty of beauty and splendor. Its beauty is in its variety of natural features that include sandy beaches, amazing island, sweet looking forests and national parks. There is even bigger adventure in the country with its capital city being the epitome of its beauty. That not being enough there is the historic spectacular architectural designs that lay along the coastline. Let’s just have a quick pick of this great beauty and adventure.


this country that borders that Adriatic oceans is blessed with plenty of beautiful beaches and islands that both the local and even the tourists have never explored. There are plenty of sandy beaches, gravel and even stone beaches. What is even more spectacular is that there are numerous hotels and restaurants along these beaches making the whole beach experience complete. One will not be troubled to look for a place to rest. You will just choose one of the classic hotels because all of them offer state of art services. It is worth noting that there are plenty of activities to engage in along this beaches and in the hotels. They include slides for children and beach volley courts among others.


Nature parks and national parks

Croatia has 8 national parks, four on the mountain and 4 on the coastline, these packs have plenty of natural wonders to see, and not to mention how beautiful they look. A good example is the Plitvice Lake which is the only wonder in the country and as well a world heritage under the UNESCO. There is even a better view of nature creations on the Krka waterfalls. Not to mention the Kornati which offers incredible landscape and beauties.



Split Features the Diocletian Palace

The city of split takes one of from the usually sandy beaches and hear one experiences the rocky beach. Though there is nothing too fancy on the beach the Diocletian palace present quite a wonderful experience. The palace was built under the watch of the Roman Emperor Diocletian in the 305 AD. There are a number of museums inside the palace with a few art galleries. A whole day in this city will expose one of the great beauty and designs it has.



The beauty of peninsula of Primosten

The Primosten town is situated in the south, and is a home for the medieval designs of the homestead. One has a chance to witness the houses built decades ago but still looking great. One of the most fascinating cites here is the Church of St. Juraj, which was built in 1485. It is a church built on top of a hill thus giving one a very good view of the entire coastline.



The beauty of night outs

It goes without mentioning that this is one of the Europe’s fast growing night out destination. The city is full of restaurants and night clubs that buzz with plenty of activities at night. What is even more amazing is how this club looks great. The clubs are always filled up with young fellows enjoying their night’s every day.
In a nutshell Croatia is full of naturally beautiful sceneries that one will find absolutely amazing. There are plenty of places to visit and the listed are just but a mention. What is even more interesting is that these places are great and just admirable, and it’s without doubt that one would not have wasted their time to visit this world tourist destination. What one need to do is to contact passport office to check the validity of your passport if it is okay then you are good to go and hang out.