In the rhetorical question above, some may turn their heads away and not care. But then many men today become conscious of their appearance too. Because it doesn’t define you, it may also be your ticket to make an impression in career, life, people you will be meeting and in your love life.

Looking good and being vain can never be only equated to girls now. There has been a shift in society already. Or can go to a spa or a parlor as a man and no one bats an eyelid. That would be because, like women, men also need to keep skin healthy and take care of their appearance.

Benefits of Looking Good and Being Presentable

It isn’t only women that are tasked to look good. You are too. And it doesn’t only ends up in wearing clean socks and a shower; it should start from your body and your skin. Looking good and appearing presentable can pose several benefits, of which some are outlined below:

  • You get to become more confident.
  • You get to be presentable.
  • Looking good can be a way to have an edge over competitors over promotion and job interviews. It is a factor in a successful career.
  • You look healthy and you look clean.
  • You get a good impression with people you meet especially with girls.

Beauty Tips You Can Choose From

Or should we call it handsome tips? Whatever it is, it still is a way to keep your skin and yourself looking your best. So here they are.

  1. Skin regimen. Always cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. Like women, your skin needs it too. You may even need it more that women because in your outdoor activities, you are more exposed to dirt and other harmful elements. A good skin regimen may help you look bit younger than your age too.
  2. Groom eyebrows. Again, it isn’t only women who can groom eyebrows. You don’t have to have thin lined brows, instead, just tweeze a couple of hair that is lost in the middle of your face. Work out against unibrow. Keep your brows clean too.
  3. Try on some cosmetics. Oaky, you don’t need a foundation. But some concealer can do a job in concealing things that you want covered. Also do not let your skin swim in oil, you can powder or have some blotting paper to help. That would be hygiene and not vanity.
  4. Shave. Or if you want to have some facial hair, then try to maintain it. Keep it short and trim regularly for you to avoid looking like a grizzly.
  5. You can visit a spa. Spa and derma treatments cannot hurt you it is a way of maintaining your skin and even pampering yourself. You can do it before a very big presentation or before a big event. Or you can just do it because you just want to.
  6. Do not be afraid of cosmetic procedures. It is widely known today that men are also candidates for this. They are not afraid to go under the knife to look good or to achieve the look they wanted. Rhinoplasty, liposuction and facelift are major cosmetic procedure choices for men. But there are other options which you may find good such as pectoral implants, male breast reduction and hair transplant.

They all sound good right?

As far as I’m concerned, some things above are just very simple. You can do them in your own will. But some though needs a couple of deep thinking such as the cosmetic procedures. But they don’t need a year of consideration, remember you are getting old. To look good today and in taking care of yourself today, you are also keeping yourself good for the future. There is nothing much better than looking good in the fifties right?

So who says that beauty tips are for women alone? I don’t and yes, you can find thousands of male related websites in the internet that promotes men’s beauty and skin care. When you feel good it shows in your aura. And it’s what people see, a good impression.