I think each one of us should know at least a few basic rules about the proper usage of perfume or cologne.

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1. Don’t exaggerate!

I’m sure you’ve been through this. Maybe one day you were sitting with your friends at the local bar, and a stranger walked by, leaving a very strong perfume scent behind him. I’m almost certain it became unpleasant after a few seconds. The perfect wear of perfume means that in order for somebody to be able to smell your perfume, he or she should be quite near. You don’t want your perfume to announce your presence somewhere.


2. Apply it to key locations on your body! 

I’m sure this one’s no surprise for you, but it’s worth mentioning. Perfume or cologne should be applied to your pulse points. Not all of them! Just a couple. Why the pulse points you ask? Because pulse points keep the skin warmer. This allows for a continuous release of fragrance. The pulse points I recommend are your wrists and the back of your ears. Ahh! The ears. A subtle perfume scent for the nose of a woman leaning on for a whisper. Besides these two spots, be sure to also wear some on your chest. Wearing it with an open shirt allows it to blend with your natural scent.


3. Never use it if you haven’t taken a shower! 

This is another capital rule. Why? Because the mixture of your unshowered skin with the fragrance will results in an unpleasant smell. On the other hand, don’t wear it if you’ve used strong-scent soaps or shower gels. The strong scent of the bathing items will cover the subtle scent of your perfume. It kinda beats the purpose doesn’t it?


4. Don’t spray your clothes! 

Perfume or cologne is made to be worn on your skin. Not on your clothes. Plus, the scent evaporates a lot faster from your clothes, because it’s fabric. Wind passes through. Just don’t!


5. The midday splash! 

Depending on your choice, be it Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette, or Eau de Perfume, the scent isn’t everlasting. Eau de Cologne lasts for little over 2 hours, Eau de Toilette may last for up to 4 hours, while Eau de Perfume will last for almost 6 hours. A quick splash is extremely effective. It can light up the rest of your day, while certainly adding that extra flavor to it.


6. Perfume is like whiskey! 

We all enjoy the occasional glass of whiskey, be it on the rocks or just neat. But that’s not my point. My point is, we all have a brand of whiskey that we love. Because each brand has that subtle taste, that different taste .. that better taste. And we all got to our favorite whiskey through trial and error. It’s the same with perfumes. Play a little, try different scents, try different brands. You’ll know when you strike gold. Trust me.

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