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Style Guide: Dressing Casual for the Weekend

The art of business casual or business professional is a practice which we are either motivated or forced to quickly adapt to; after all, no one likes looking out of place at a new job. We learn what types of suits are best for our place of employment, or what pants and shoes to wear [...]

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London Collections – Men: AW14 Trends

London Collections: Men, now in its sixth season, encapsulates how menswear has accelerated dramatically in both popularity but also importance in recent years. Mostly as it continues to demonstrate that contemporary menswear has crashed into mainstream. LCM is a vibrant market of visionaries who stride to shift the boundaries of the once heavily restricted men's [...]

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Style Guide: How to Dress Business Casual

The following post is a contribution from TailorsDB.com, your number one resource for finding the best tailor in Thailand. Business Casual Dressing up for work has become much more complicated than before. Instead of full suits most men are used to, there’s a completely different dress code these days which requires you to not look [...]

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Dressing for the New Years Eve Party

The snow is gently drifting from the skies, the nights are earlier and the people are drunker. In other words, New Years Eve is but a few days away. It's the end if an era, but one final task remains - the New Years Eve Party. The fabled 'New Years do' is a strange phenomenon. [...]

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BMW i3: First Look

"This is a game changer." says BMW i Brand Manager Peter Adams. You're not reading a review on the long dreamt by Apple enthusiasts iCar, this is for one of the latest and possibly most innovative of BMW's models, the BMW i3. Part of the "Project i" series, the car seeks to revolutionize [...]

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Men of style: David Beckham

Designer is a word not traditionally associated with footballers, yet David Beckham is the exception. Epitomising all that the modern man can be, he is relentless, charging ruthlessly into the world as a man not afraid of change. Having a designer wife probably helped smooth out the process, gone are the days of the diamond [...]

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9 Most Luxurious Car Options

We all love our cars, don't we? And we all treat our cars like our loved ones. Whenever you buy a new car you most likely feel like you've accepted a new member to you family. And well, let's be honest, it's just like that. When buying a new car, we all look for options [...]

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Patek Philippe – Luxury Timepieces

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend. But what about a man's best friends? For some of us, it's watches. And not just any kind of timepiece. I'm talking about the best timepiece you can get. Patek Philippe. You haven't heard of Patek Philippe? Well, it's time you got educated in this matter then. [...]

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