I know that people of today were not yet born in the 1920’s. However, doesn’t it intrigue you what men’s fashion was during those days? Those years played a big role in the evolution of fashion, for both men and women. During that decade, there has been a big change on how both men and women carry and dressed themselves.

Art plays a big role in the time’s fashion and that is why it has influenced the fashion trends that we have today. During this era, women have become more liberated and they started sporting clothes that makes them feel a lot more comfortable. On the other hand, the formal attire of men have been replaced with more sporty ones. As you can see, remnants of the 1920’s fashion are still visible in today’s trends.

For decades now, men wear variations of a three piece suit. During the early 1920’s, Victorian men are quite formal with changing their clothes many times a day. War brought great changes to these attitudes and this greatly reflects on fashion. Younger men were more accustomed to wearing wide-legged trousers and simpler suits. The fashion during those times greatly represents the fun music, theatre arts and the good times of the era.

#1 Suits.

1902 was all about suits, of course! During this period, men used to wear suits to work with minor modifications. What used to be broad-shouldered, suits have become more slim, giving off a more boyish look. Also, tight jackets with sloping shoulders have garnered great recognition. Also, ties were more casual. When it comes to ties, bow ties and knit ties are widely accepted. Knit ties are best worn for collegiate looks as well as leisure clothes that are quite popular during those days.

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#2 The influence of Sports

As mentioned above, fashion was greatly influenced by sports during that era. Golf starts introduced the plus-fours, plus-sixes and plus-eights matched with vibrant colored Fair Isle sweaters during that time. On the other hand, tennis players made the combination of white trousers with matching V-neck sweaters trend during that era. Of course, the soccer players won’t be left behind as they introduced the coat phenomenon. Red Grange introduced the camel hair polo coat and the raccoon coat to the fashion industry.


#3 Hats

Men during the 1920’s will not leave their homes without a hat. Regardless of what season it is, there is a matching hat for every ensemble. During summers, you would have seen a lot of Panama straws hat, boaters and skimmers (terms referring to shallow, stiff-brimmed hats). On the other hand, winter is the perfect season for felt fedoras.

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#4 Trousers

The wide trousers made way for a new major change—the front crease. This trend has greatly enhanced and emphasized the overall shape of a man. With the crease, men got a stronger silhouette together with an overall striking look. Highlighting the shoes, cuffs were added to these trousers.

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