Paris is a city ruled by luxury. The elegance of the debutantes and monsieors that grace the cobblestone streets of the old French town are one to be respected, yet you could say that a town of such class is by definition restrained. According to the many designers, the age-old romantic city is the only setting for the designers to project their art forms that have taken months, sometimes years to carefully cultivate. All in preparation for the waves of editors, press and bloggers that descend upon the tender city.


Yves Saint Laurent:


To begin, we start with the end. Paris Fashion Week was ended by a glamorously grand finale by Yves Saint Laurent. Sprinkled within the grandeur the collection radiated with a wayward semblance. Punk rock glamour was seen with pops of opulent color (pink, red and blue) matched with rich, glittering accents (silver and old) embellishing the black background. The hot pink blazer with black piping being a stand-out piece. But standing against the gaudy glam was a gang of rockers. Skin tight PVC trousers were worn by the lithe models alongside motorcycle jackets and neckerchiefs, echoing LC:M which carried similar trends.


Adidas Y-3:


Adidas… fashionable? Yes, sportswear can be imbued with a sense of luxury as Adidas’ still-strong collaboration with talented Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto shows. Combining structured formality with utility, the outfits were inspired by the 60s and super-hero clothing.Flowing like capes were oversized windbreaker that fluttered and enveloped the models. Baggy trousers made for mobile silhouettes were cuffed to be paired with heavy-duty boots; the striped laces annexing a subdued detail.


Dior Homme:


Artistic director Kris Van Assche has consistently beckoned a flutter of streamlined minimalism to Dior Homme. Ripples of eclectic suits danced across the wooden runway, the polka-dots and pinstripes softening the rigid silhouettes suits often induce. Assche’s religious bound to his infamous colour palette of blues and blacks remains, with denim of all forms (from the habitual jacket to the duffle coat) fastened to the suits. The idyllic complimenting of colour and material can easily be incorporated into a business casual look.


Juun J:


Leather onesies. Leather onesies. Juun J paired leather onesies with suits in a dastardly audacious move. Juun sculpts leather into a multi-faceted material, with leather trousers, shirts and tops emitting throughout the collection. Lavish emeralds resonated too, most prominently as an oversized emerald coat. Chelsea boots clacked down on the cold flooring, and more biker, prep and monstrous shoulder pads essences sprinkled on top. Leather onesies though.


Overall, Paris Fashion Week for 2014/2015 has been my favorite so far. Paris is a city of class and decorum, yet these brief few days demonstrate that it is not restricted or bound to a rigid rule book and has managed to evade the obligations and traditions fashion oh so often obsesses over.

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