The mere thought of early morning starts to the day can be enough to make even the toughest of men shudder. The majority of successful men need a good boost in the morning, and so what better way to kick off a long vigorous day than with an essential, fuss-free grooming routine? Here’s a quick grooming guide for men to help get the best out of your skin, body and hair…


It’s a well known fact that many men prefer to bath/shower in the evenings in order to give themselves more time in the mornings, but taking a morning shower has the ability to wake you up properly, boost your energy levels and leave you looking and feeling clean and fresh.  Taking a shower first thing in the morning also strips excessive dirt and sweat from your body and prepares your skin and hair for some basic grooming essentials.  Find yourself a strongly scented shower gel to help revitalise your body and mind.  Peppermint and lime scented shower gels usually do the job.

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As stated on numerous occasions, moisturising your skin day and night should be an essential part of your grooming routine. Moisturising first thing in the morning gives your skin the essential moisture and protection it needs throughout the day. If you suffer from oily skin then invest in a good matte formulated moisturiser. Also consider spending a little more on a face cream with added sun factor for the hotter months of the year. Many of us still fail to underestimate just how much damage the harmful rays can do to our skin.

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The R Cooper Skin Care Collection


The biggest skin care concern for men is puffy, tired looking eyes with black circles and crows-feet. Any roughness around the eye area has the very cruel ability to age us dramatically, therefore you’ll want a good all-natural anti-winkle eye contour gel that can enhance the tone of your skin and minimise wrinkles and puffiness. Eye creams usually come recommended at just one application a day, so take your time to apply your eye cream/gel carefully for best results.

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Face Man Eye Rejuvenate


Most people wash their hair once every other day, which is absolutely fine, but sometimes hair can be left feeling and looking dim, lifeless and greasy.  After you’ve washed your body in the shower and moisturised yourself head to toe, consider adding a small amount of argan oil to your hair and rubbing it in gently.  This magnificent formula can help add shine, volume and texture to your hair, as well as aiding you to smell insanely good.

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It might be stating the obvious here but please, for the love of God, make sure you remember to execute the standard, everyday basics of grooming. For instance, always remember to apply a good, sweat-free deodorant that will keep your pits smelling fresh throughout the day. Also, consider using a softly scented cologne that you can specifically wear for the daytime only – the next worst thing after smelly arm pits has to be the overpowering usage of a sharp cologne. Make sure you also wash your face (preferably with cool water) and try and floss where possible – there’s nothing worse than going into work with your breakfast still wedged between your teeth!