We all love shopping and like any addiction, it’s even funnier when it’s cheap, or at a discount price. Jon Barrie promise us the most competitive price on the market, yet with a huge emphasis on the quality of their clothes and a really well chosen brand selection. If Converse, Duck and Cover, Guide London or K-Swiss are sound names for you, then this is the place where you would like to “click”, or to visit in Yorkshire.

If the definition of your style is relaxed, with a modern feel, you’ll definitely love every piece of garment they offer. From cool T-shirt to jeans and accessories, Jon Barrie covers a wide selection of clothes with personality. And if you don’t believe me, just check this out:

We Shop Here: Jon Barrie

The simple, soft printed T-shirts are clearly essential in every man’s closet. These are through-out my favorites, being signed by Threadbare (left), Jack and Jones (center) and Pretty Green (right). The prices vary between £12 and £35!

We shop here: Jon BarreiEven-though summer is still here, breeze autumn is surely close. The bomber jacket (Merc London on the left and Jack and Jones on the right) is more popular than ever, so make sure you check it on your “to buy list”. I would suggest you to mix it with a spectacular printed shirt like this one:

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We Shop Here: Jon Barrie

Praisley print cotton shirt signed Merc London (£60, here)

In terms of jeans, the most proper word is “easy-going”. They are versatile and can me used in thousands of combos, from the classic polo shirt to the knitwear on colder days. I found two pair that especially caught my attention:

We shop here: Jon Barrie

In terms of color I would advice you to go with the dark indigo Duck and Cover jeans (left, £49.95) for white and plain tees, while the Pretty Green washed ones in straight cut (right, £75) with more colorful upper pieces like this one:

We shop here: Jon Barrie

Duck and Cover Andres Printed Polo in Mars, £25

Check out more items on Jon Barrie’s website, or if you want the complete shopping experience, visit one of their four physic stores in Yorkshire and share with us your favorites!

This article was sponsored by Jon Barrie.