I have to admit I have never heard a story like this. Normally, I have my literature dose in a quiet environment, in the classical way: I read by myself and enjoy it as much as I can. Today I got so curious about the interactive story brought to life by Land Rover together with William Boyd, the British novelist and screenwriter. I had to experience the digital adventure right away! I must confess it was an interesting affair and I honestly think it marks the beginning of a new chapter within the digital books era.

The story is a truly digital adventure, since it is accompanied by visual elements like pictures and short videos, but also by a cool soundtrack accelerating and giving life to the whole thriller. Long story short, Alec Dunbar is an actor who has to accomplish a job by delivering a package. He has to travel from London to Scotland in a Land Rover Defender KT-99. The main character takes part in some interesting situations while arriving to the destination.

The book is captivating and transposes the reader into the desired mood really fast thanks to the digital elements. Normally, one tries to imagine everything from the description of the author, but this is a particular reading. You get to have more interaction with the character by seeing the illustrations and by the change in the voice tone, but also with the help of the keywords meant to store some of the essentials of the book, including the Land Rover.

Land Rover The Vanishing Game

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You may ask yourself what Land Rover has to do with a story such as this. Well…the author managed to make some sort of parallel between driving a Land Rover and the adventure that the protagonist of the story, Alec Dunbar, was engaged in. Also, Boyd was quite happy to collaborate with Land Rover since he has some good memories with this car since he was a little boy: “as an even younger boy, climbing into my Uncle Ronnie’s Land Rover”, but he also sees this automobile as a reference one: “A Land Rover is part of the mental geography of almost every British person, I believe”. It’s important to be mentioned the fact that the author had free hand in constructing the story, which also sets the identity of the Defender as a very comfortable, off road car.



Another cool aspect of the story written by Boyd is that it contains fragments from real owners of Land Rover. The holders of such car were encouraged to share their experiences and so, they’ve become part of “The vanishing game”. On wellstoried.com you get to explore the real stories, accompanied by photos and details about their trips towards difficult trails, mountains or lakes. All the adventures are annexed to a map and are shares using the #WellStoried towards social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Google+.

We admire the creativity of Land Rover and William Boyd and look forward to seeing their next campaign!

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