Christmasmagical holiday, filled with warmth, beautiful wishes, quality time with friends and family. Throughout December everyone is preparing for the 25th, lights, trees, decorations, songs, formal clothing, you name it. Oh and one more thing – presents. Of course presents, we mean, come on, everyone is excited to see what’s under the christmas tree, wrapped in paper, with their name on a card, right?

This time of the year is perfect for the people from advertising to get more creative and warm our hearts with their work as well as give us an idea or two for a present. Tales of Santa Claus, talking polar bears, living snowmen, these are just a few examples of the fairy-tale world of the Christmas ads.

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As the title says, let’s dig in these six commercials, which can easily be entitled  “Best Christmas ads of all time”.

#1. Sainsbury’s

This ad is from 2014 and it’s story is based on a real event from WWIthe Christmas Truce of 1914. It carries a strong message and it’s perfectly showing what the Christmas holidays are all about.

#2. Hershey’s kisses

This is a very simple, yet very cozy filled commercial, and there is chocolate involved – how lovely!

#3. M&M’s

First aired in 1996, this ad features two of the most adventurous M’s – Red and Yellow. Watch as they discover the truth about the white bearded man in a red suit.

#4. Coca-Cola (Holidays are coming)

A classic commercial from 1995, featuring the all favorite, almost never-ending fleet of Coca-Cola trucks and a Christmas jingle which marked the coming of the Christmas mood and was also whistled and sang by many generations.

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#5. Coca-Cola (Polar bears swimming)

Our cute and playful friends, the coke drinking polar bears. This ad from 1998 shows that even polar bears like their occasional sip of Coca-Cola.

#6. John Lewis (Monty The Penguin)

Sticking with the penguin theme, this ad from 2014 is actually a friendship story, showing that true friends will always be there for you.

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Christmas holiday is one of the best throughout the year, it brings the good spirit in people, everyone is more dedicated and good willing. I think, though, the main reason we love this time of the year is that the inner child in everyone is awoken and that somehow makes the world a better place. Here is a favourite Christmas song to get you more in the mood. Happy Holidays!

Which are your favourite Christmas ads of all time? Let us know in the comments.