Who is Sunspel?

Sunspel is a British luxury brand that focuses on making simple, yet beautiful clothing from quality fabrics. The company was founded by Thomas A Hill back in 1860 and they’ve established themselves as a pioneer in British craftsmanship.

What I like the most about Sunspel is that their main focus is on quality, the one value that is of high priority here at Male Extravaganza as well. All of their clothes are made either in England or Portugal and they do not use cheap fabrics just to raise the ROI. Personally, I think they are a great example for everyone, even for bigger, more popular brands!

Did you know…?

  • the first brand to introduce the boxer short to the UK?
  • they were chosen to design a polo shirt for Daniel Craig in James Bond Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace?
  • they were one of the first companies to make underwear from soft, lightweight Egyptian cotton instead of wool?
  • they’ve developed the world’s first t-shirts as we know them today?



#1 Vintage Wool Cardigan

Fit: Classic

Fabric: 100% wool

How to wear it: you can either wear it with a t-shirt for a casual look or a checked shirt for a business casual look.

Price: £185

Vintage Wool Neck Shawl Cardigan by Sunspel

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#2 Checked Cotton Shirt

Fit: tailored cut

Fabric: 100% brushed cotton

How to wear it: with the wool cardigan above or any other jumper that is plain, simple. You can also wear it just with a navy vest.

Price: £100

Brushed Cotton Shirt by Sunspel

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#3 Navy Chinos

Fit: Slim

Fabric: 100% heavy duty cotton drill

How to wear them: go casual with a polo shirt, or business with a white polka shirt.

Price: £135

Navy Chinos by Sunspel

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#4 Stone Mac

Fit: classic

Fabric: 100% cotton, showerproofed with a non-absorbent finish

How to wear it: chinos, slim fit jeans and a pair of boots, brogues boots or even monk straps.

Price: £495

Mac by Sunspel

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#5 Navy Riviera Polo Shirt

This particular polo shirt was originally tailored for Daniel Craig in his role as James Bond – Casino Royale. So make it a must-have!

Fit: tailored

Fabric: 100% combed cotton

How to wear it: with chinos, a jacket & your favorite Converse sneakers.

Price: £80

Navy Riviera Polo Shirt by Sunspel - worn by Daniel Craig in James Bond

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#6 Sunspel X Cheaney Leather Boots

Fabric: full leather lining and insole

How to wear them: pair them with indigo slim fit jeans, a denim shirt & a stripped v-neck jumper.

Price: £300

Sunspel x Cheaney Leather Boots Brown

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#7 Uniform Wares Watch

Inspired by the simplicity and utilitarian functionality of mid-century factory wall clocks made by British manufacturers such as Smiths Sectric and Gent of Leicester.

Additional Details: 

  • Swiss movement
  • Satin-brushed bezel
  • One size for all
  • Made in England

Price: £170

Uniform Wares Grey Watch

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#8 Cashmere Fairisle Socks

The one item that will make you stand out but keep you warm at the same time!

Fabric: 85% Cashmere Wool, 15% Nylon

How to wear them: with your favorite boots or brogues, bend your jeans/chinos for added style!

Price: £40

Cashmere Fairisle Socks by Sunspel

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#9 Regimental Stripe Scarf

Keep yourself warm with the classic, yet stunning scarf. Add more style to your winter outfit, plus you can pair it with your business suit as well.

Fabric: 53% Cashmere wool, 47% Merino wool

Price: £95

Regimental Stripe Scarf by Sunspel

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#10 Birdseye Bobcap

For those really cold winter days…

Fabric: 100% wool

Price: £40

Birdseye Bobcap by Sunspel

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I am totally impressed by their work, their history, their values and I am looking forward to wear my navy polo shirt that I got as a gift (remember?! It’s a must have!).

I’d like to close this article with one of my favorite sayings: “I am to poor to buy cheap clothes”, in an attempt to bring some more awareness on the importance of purchasing quality clothing!