The polo shirt is quite possibly the most versatile shirts a man can own. It can be dressed up with slacks or dressed down with jeans. A polo shirt brings a sense of personality and style to a man’s outfit in that it is always either dressing up a look or giving it a more laid-back casual vibe. Combining different elements of clothing, such as casual and dressy, into one outfit is a great way to establish a personal style that is fashion forward and unique.

Learn how to wear a polo shirt from these five creative ways!



When it comes to pairing a polo and a suit, many shy away.  A suit is known for being straightforward and all business where as the polo shirt does not have such a strong dominance in the fashion world. When pairing these two opposite styles, the polo shirt dresses down the suit, adding a sense of spontaneity and diversity to its classic sophistication. This mixture of casual and dressy creates a unique style, showcasing the versatility of the polo shirt under a suit or blazer.


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A timeless match for the polo shirt is the standard denim. Jeans go with just about anything, however the sporty style of the polo works well with casual pants. Darker denim would create a classier look, especially if paired with dress shoes. A nice spring day would require a more casual approach in terms of flip-flops or sneakers. The polo shirt and jeans allows for choice of occasion simply depending on the shoes and in some cases a nice watch.



Everyone knows that preppy look of the polo shirt under a sweater. This style has progressed from the “nerd” type to today’s “hipster” community re-creating this classic fashion. A polo paired with either a long sleeve sweater or a button up cardigan has recently hit the runway creating the once know “grandpa style” to fashion forward. This blend of old and new allows for playful collars and colors to demonstrate style and personality.

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#4 POLO AND SLACKS     Bottega Veneta This combination is similar to the scenario of polo and suit, however there is more room to accentuate either the casual or classic side of the polo shirt. Pairing slacks with a solid black polo shirt makes for a more sophisticated and dressy look. Moving toward brighter colors or a white polo shirt will bring out a playful side creating your own individual style. The polo shirt again allows for diversity of a simple, everyday look.


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The ultimate combination for spring is a polo shirt with shorts – a definitive outfit on the golf course as well as the standard dress code for a country club. When combined with shorts, the polo shirt has the opportunity to show personality. Stripes, patterns, accenting, whatever you want! This is the most casual and relaxed of all the outfits, leaving much room for creativity and personal style.



The polo shirt is unrestricted in all aspects of these combinations. Any color, pattern, collar type, or placket will make for an individual, unique look. No matter how you decide to wear your polo shirt, whether it is a little more adventurous or on the classic side, never forget that fit is the most important aspect in looking good. Check out some made to measure polo shirts that will be the perfect fit every time at Vastrm.