With the sun shining and the hottest months of the year now upon us, a good grooming routine has never been so important. Male grooming is very much a seasonal trend, therefore the warmer climate means slight, but significant, changes to our daily grooming routine. Here is your essential summer grooming guide for your skin, body and hair.





Many of us fail to realize how exposed our skin is during the hotter months, therefore a good skin factor application should be a vital part of your summer skin care routine. Moisturizers with built in sun factor are becoming an everyday essential addition to the male grooming product summer hit list. Moisturizers with built in sun factor offer your skin the required daily nutrients as well as extra protection from harmful rays, reducing your chances of sunburn and skin peal.

Product recommendation: R Cooper Daily Face Lotion SPF 30+





Sunburn aside, the most common complaint from men during the summer season is the dreaded insect bite. If you suffer from sugary blood and are prone to insect bites, then consider a good insect repellent to help keep the little buggers away. If you’ve forgotten to apply your insect repellent then a good insect bite soother can help to minimize the irritation and itchiness of the bites.

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You’re probably wondering why fake tanning is even on this list, right? Well, there’s nothing wrong with ‘topping up a tan’ if it gives you that extra glow. For many of us that are prone to sunburn and don’t tan as easily as our darker counterparts, a little help from a few tinting moisturizers and self-tanning products goes a long way. They also offer your skin key moisture during the dry weather season.

Product recommendation: Xen Tan Mist Intense





When we think summer, we think beach, BBQs, holidays, pool parties, festivals and picnics in the park. Our bodies are constantly on show and fully exposed to the sunlight during the summer months, therefore key body care should be a vital part of your summer grooming routine. Opt for a much stronger sun factor for the summer as many of our bodies haven’t seen natural daylight for the best part of a year! Don’t forget to keep moisturizing in the evenings with a good cocoa butter body lotion to help keep the skin fully hydrated and recovered from its exposure to the sun.

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Whether it’s body odour or highly annoying sweat patches, the hot weather can throw some unwanted complications into the mix. Personal hygiene and perspiration are two of the most pressing issues that men have to contend with during the summer season. Unfortunately, sweating is a natural bodily function that can’t fully be stopped, but there are some handy products that can help you minimize the problem and leave you feeling and smelling a lot fresher.

To combat the excessive sweating problem you may have, try and opt for a powerful deodorizing spray or roll-on that tackles the problem head-on. Mainstream deodorants such as Sure Men and Dove Men+Care offer excellent protection against excessive sweating and are also great for sensitive skin, which is a common problem.

Product Recommendation: Sure Men





Even with the best possible summer grooming routine in place, you’ll still want to freshen up in times when you don’t have access to your bathroom. On-the-go wipes such as Wing Man and Fellas Wipes have increased dramatically in popularity over the last few years, offering men a grooming solution in moments of need. So, if you’re hoping to stay fresh in the hot temperatures without showering, simply add some on-the-go wipes to your product hit list.

Product recommendation: Fellas Wipes





Hot weather has a nasty habit of forming oiliness on the facial skin, leaving you looking constantly sweaty and shiny – Not the most desirable look! Getting a handle on the problem may not be as difficult as you may think. Therefore you’ll want to opt for a good oil-free matte formula that can even out the oily skin problem, leaving your facial skin looking healthier with a more toned complexion. This should really be seen as a vital aspect in your grooming routine, should you wish to keep the shiny forehead at bay!

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With seasonal trends in the world of fashion dictating the way we wear our shoes, the hotter climate makes us far more prone to foot odour. With boat shoes, espadrilles and loafers dominating our summer style tastes, we seem to find less need to wear socks, therefore opening ourselves up for the inevitable smelly feet syndrome. The solution? Invisible socks. Yes, they may well look pretty daft without shoes on, but they create an illusion of no socks, meaning you’ll be able to carry off your image without worrying about toxic odours.

Recommended Invisible Socks


Many men fail to realize the importance of hair care during the summer, therefore tend to neglect this essential part of the grooming routine. Hot weather and strong rays can damage hair and leave it looking dry, lifeless and thin. A good all-in-one shampoo and conditioner should be used 3-4 times a week with additional hair care products that can aid in healthy appearance and strong hair growth. Argan oil is a terrific solution for dry and damaged hair in the summer season. A good hair oil penetrates the scalp and adds healthier shine and volume to your mop, leaving your hair looking fuller and well-conditioned.

If you’re bald, make it a key essential to regularly apply a good sun factor cream on your head, to avoid scalp burn and irritation.

Product Recommendation: J. Nicholas Hair Oil




So there you have it – a finely tuned grooming routine to get you through the summer season.  Making a few of these minor adjustments will benefit you in the long run.

Please make sure you let us know what changes you have made to counteract the heat, in the comments section below.