In an industry ran by fashion conglomerates, it’s pleasing to find that there are still left a number of coquettish family-owned fashion businesses. One of them is Harrison Brands, a Scotland menswear family business, whose first store was inaugurated in 1933 by Samuel Harrison.

Harrison Brands Logo

For keeping up with all the innovation and the changes in customers’ ways of doing their shopping, Harrison Brands exclusively started to trade on-line and successfully kept up with the demand for qualitative, high-established brands such as Claudio Lugli, Giordano, Life & Limb, Brooke Taverner and many others!

Find the complete list of brands in collaboration with Harrison shops here!

Since the sun is still up these days, but the breezy fall it’s getting closer and closer, I though of a special selection of garments aligned to the latest fashion trends for this season featured on the website!

1. Two-Tone Casual Leather Jacket

Casual Jacket Pearly King Halfway Brown Black Leather

What can be cooler than a brown-black leather jacket for a casual look?

Price: £325.00

2. Shiny Leather Brogues

Shiny Leather Brogues Base London

Classic Brogues with a modern twist given by the rubber sole and the shiny leather!

Price: £64.95

3. Slim Fit Trousers

Slim Fit Trousers Remus UomoForget the typical trousers in black, brown or beige. A pair of burgundy Remus Uomo slim fit trousers will freshen up your style!

Price: £49.95

4. Paisley Pattern Shirt

Paisley Shirt Life and Limb

What can be more edgy than a Paisley Pattern Life & Limb shirt?! I just love it!

Sale Price: £27.48

5. Raspberry Knit

Rspberry v-Neck Brook Taverner Knitwear

Try a daring combination: the aforementioned Paisley shirt with this amazing cotton and cashmere V- neck Brook Taverner knitwear!

Price: £64.95

This is my slight selection of fall items featured on Harrison Brands web-site. Check out on your own more pieces and don’t forget that quality is the driver of their business!

Which item is your favorite?

Comment bellow and share your preferences!

This article was sponsored by Harrison Brands!