Hello! My Name is Mihai Herman and Here’s What I Want To Inspire Through Male Extravaganza

I am a Power Engineer that choose to become a full-time blogger and web entrepreneur in September 2014, a few months after graduating. I love everything beautiful, I love to run & bike, I meditate and I also enjoy a good joke.

Going through a depression (panic attacks included) for more than 12 months, forced me to completely change my lifestyle and habits and pushed me to a sense of happiness like never before.

This blog stands for change and I am here to give you all the tools (that I know of and used) to help you become a better man.

Inspire You To Be Kind

Somewhere along the way, men developed a strong belief that they have to always be strong, angry and that it’s wrong for a man to show his feelings. I am here to tell you that needs to change: you are stronger if you are able to express your feelings.

Help You Change Your Habits

It can be hard to change your life, but only because you are too attached to the way you live right now, to your habits. Even though you have a strong desire to change, a part of you still believes those old habits serve you. I am here to give you the tools and tricks that will help you change and feel good while you do it.

Don't Compromise On Looks!

Just because you are a more spiritual type of guy, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on how you look. Being well dressed is a matter of self-love and that is part of spirituality as well!

What Does Cool Mean For You?

I am dedicated to help change the meaning of the word “cool” and make things and habits like “love, care, entrepreneur, fit, organic, cooking, kindness, superfoods, blogging, integrity and running” become the cool things of tomorrow!
Mihai Herman - Male Extravaganza
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