For many a gent, sport and athletics remain an intensely important part of our day to day routine. The Premier League Saturday game acts as a weekly ritual for men and women across the country in Britain, and for each nation their own sport is central to their culture. Football acts as the core of some people’s identity, forming their pride for their home country, congregating usually divided communities of different ethnicities and religions together.

With so many football matches, leagues and coverage to keep up with, how exactly can the average guy realistically manage this digital stream of football news? This is when services such as Virgin Media’s Football Fixtures Generator comes into play.

With most blokes and guys out shopping with their other halves, it can be difficult to keep up to date with the Premier League as you hold her shopping bags. Coupled with their new Big Kahuna bundle, the new Sports Season Ticket means you’ll have, quite literally in the palm of your hand, access to all the live Barclays Premier League games shown this season. The package throngs together six live Sky Sports channels – including Sky Sports F1 and Sky Sports 5 – in standard definition and all being available in HD for an additional monthly fee. BT Sport, ESPN and British Eurosport (also available in HD) can all be easily incorporated into your bundle.

Football Fixtures Generator can be used to find match times and plan your viewing. Fixtures and TV schedules for the UEFA Champions League and The FA Cup are all ready and set to be added as they are released. In other words, there is no mad rush to mob Google and search the death all the schedules; Virgin does it all for you. Moreover, you can view the matches both in the home and on the go, so whether you’re in the shed doing a bit of DIY or on your break at work, you can watch all the live matches anytime, anyplace.

Football is, simply put, one of the biggest facets of British culture. Even if the Americans call it ‘soccer’, we all know its real name. It can be tough to balance all the parts of our day to day life, and Virgin Media’s bundles and season ticket makes it that little bit easier to keep football at the center of our culture, and saving 40% on Sky Sports doesn’t hurt the wallet…

This article was sponsored by Virgin Media.