What a big day for Male Extravaganza as I feature my first guest author since I’ve started to blog about self-improvement and my entrepreneurship journey.

About the author Florian Suba

I first met Florian Suba after an email he sent me to connect and share that this website covers exactly what he’d like to cover and that was the moment I’ve invited him to publish an article here. He studies management at FEEA Timisoara (Romania) and he is very passionate about all things entrepreneurship, success mindset, self-improvement and even public speaking.

He is bold, courageous and what impressed me the most about him is that he started working on himself at the early age of 16.

That’s it from my side, I am going to let Florian “talk” from here. Enjoy his great article about how to attract success in your life through some very simple steps and principles.

Have you ever experienced a life changing story?

And by that, I mean something that touches your heart, influences your thinking and makes your body move in the direction of your goals?! 

Success can be created and there are certain steps that you can take in order to make all your dreams come true, steps that you will find below.

First of all, what is success?

People used to think about success as a great, impossible thing to get. Fortunately, it is not like that. Imagine that you are in the bed, and you are very tired, and you want so bad to sleep, but you forgot the lights on, so you got to move your tired legs and body to the switcher and turn the lights off.

Now, if you can motivate yourself to do what you just thought about, you will become successful in achieving that particular task. It’s that simple. It’s the same with success in life – if you manage to accomplish your desires, you are officially successful!

quote confucius

When you say something with emotions and you truly believe it, eventually it will come into your reality, into your life. Period. I will give you an example at the end of the article to make it clearer. Until then, I will provide a short formula, to help you reach success nowadays.

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High quality information + Vision + Ambition + Belief = Success

Information is the biggest wealth one can own in this day and age. We live in the age of information, an incredible moment in the history of humanity when everything you want to know is at a single click away. If in the past, the lack of information was the biggest problem, nowadays, the excess of information can stand in front of our success.

For a second, let’s imagine that you want to get rich.

You look at all the possibilities and entering into fruit distribution business sounds like the best way to do it. I’m sure you agree that knowing where the garden is, is better than just receiving a car full of fruits, right?!

So having the information is the first step. The problem with the information these days is that you know where the garden is, but run into all sorts of other problems like contaminated fruits, genetically modified or predictions that it will be a dry year. Soon, this business does not sound like such a good idea anymore. 

When you are looking to start a new business, you need to take in account all the variables that can make or break your business.

So, we have to carefully select the information and pay attention to who are we listening to.

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The second step is the vision about what we want achieve or where do we want to get – see this as your ultimate goal. It is said that you should target the Moon, and if you fail getting there, it’s okay, you will be among the stars. You have done your homework and now you are the owner of a beautiful fruit garden, but what are you going to do with that? Here is where the vision is required.

Let’s say that you just bought the garden and it is full of beautiful and delicious fruits, but if you spend six hours a day surfing on Facebook giving like to every single picture of a sexy girl that appears on your newsfeed, you are not going to get rich! Only if one of the girls you just liked on Facebook is a billionaire which is very unlikely.

Remember this quote from me: “In your life, it has to be a perfect balance between dream and reality, in order to bring your dreams into reality and to transform your reality into a dream one.”

Next, the ambition enters the stage. If you find the perfect garden, you have the vision of an international fruit distribution company, but you pack everything and quit after the first obstacle that comes your way, you move away from success. If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, like Eric Thomas says, you will find a solution to any problem that may occur. Don’t quit just because it’s hard! If it was easy, anybody would do it.

Nothing worth having comes easy to you in life, so fight for what your soul desires!

The last, and the most important aspect of achieving success, is belief.

Unfortunately, a lot of people think that they need to achieve something in order to believe that it is possible. I challenge you to do the exact opposite – believe you can achieve your goals and you will definitely reach them!


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Like Steve Jobs said…

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

If you don’t like what you see in the mirror today, you have to use the formula: carefully select information, dream about your goal, keep going even in hard times, and last, you need to believe that the dots will connect for you and you will have everything that you desire.

As a conclusion, you have to dream big, but start small. Just remember, dream with just one eye closed!

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