We all love our cars, don’t we? And we all treat our cars like our loved ones. Whenever you buy a new car you most likely feel like you’ve accepted a new member to you family. And well, let’s be honest, it’s just like that.

When buying a new car, we all look for options that will make our driving smoother and more comfortable, we look for better sound systems, for an improved air conditioning system, and so on. But there are a few options that are only available for a few select luxury cars, and that’s what we’re going to talk about next.

Let’s start off with some interior options:

1. Selectable Cabin Fragrances

Mercedes Fragrance

Offered by Mercedes Benz in their S550 model.

The smell of leather on a new car is something we can never really get used to. We would love for the scent to be everlasting. Unfortunately, that’s not yet possible. Designers at Mercedes worked closely with Sabine Englehardt (their futurologist employee) to bring customers a new option that interchanges the scents of your interior every now and then. The new system automatically turns on and off, thus making sure that you never get quite fully accustomed to the fragrance. The four available scents are Sports, Freeside, Nightlife, and Downtown.


2. Custom Interior Parts

Porsche Interior

Offered by Porsche in their 911 models.

I’m talking about an almost complete customization of the interior of your new 911. And that’s exactly what you want when you buy a Porsche. You want it to be unique. Offering a large variety of options, from interior materials (leather, carbon, wood, aluminum, and other premium materials), to specifically colored dash gouges (4 distinct colors), custom painted seatbelts, painted air vents, and many more other unique customization options. This way, Porsche ensures that their customer will be fully satisfied with their new acquisition.


3. Active seat bolsters

Mercedes Seat Bolsters

Offered by Mercedes Benz in their S550 model.

Another excellent addition to their S550 model, Mercedes offers customers the option for a smoother ride when turning at high speeds. The active seat bolsters ensure that the seats stay perfectly leveled even when the car is slightly inclined. Of course, some might not like this option because it takes away some of the thrill of driving at high speeds on winding roads. Nevertheless, an option to take into consideration when buying your new S550.


4. Massaging seats

Audi A8 Massage Seats

Offered by Audi in their A8 model.

Even though it’s not an exclusive offer from Audi, because BMW, Mercedes, and other luxury car manufacturers offer this option for their customers, Audi has done an excellent job with their massage system. It offers 3 different types of massage programs, leaving the driver and the passengers perfectly relaxed even after the longest, and most exhausting travels. Don’t worry, the seats do not actually vibrate continuously. Satisfaction guaranteed by Audi.


5. Magic Sky Control

Mercedes Sky Control

Offered by Mercedes Benz in their SL & SLK models.

Available for their roadster models, Mercedes offers it’s customers the option to change the tint on the glass roof of the car. At the push of a button, the window tint can change from transparent to almost opaque. This is done through the use of an LED panel that installed between the glass panels of the roof. The SLK350 model was the first car model in the world to offer this feature, also known as an electrochromatic roof.


6. Reclining Rear Executive Seats

Lexus Interior

Offered by Lexus in their LS 600h L model.

I think this is probably the most important aspect of a luxury executive car. Again, Lexus is not the only company that offers this option, but here at Male Extravaganza we love that the new  Lexus 600h L model looks like a complete limousine, perfectly fit for CEOs. The option is offered in their Executive Class Seating Package. Just by reading the name you know that it’s designed for the best comfort. The package also includes a wooden central console, shiatsu massage, LED screens, and so on. Made by designers, for CEOs.


7. Airscarf

Mercedes Airscarf

Offered by Mercedes Benz in their E350 Convertible model.

Possibly one of the most impressive customization options available for convertible cars, the Airscarf is an addition that adds hot air vents to the top of the seats. I think this is actually brilliant. It simply allows you to drive your convertible in chilly conditions. Get you hands on one of these and you’ll be cruising at dusk with your girlfriend in great convertible conditions.

Moving on, let’s see some exterior gimmicks!


8. Soft Close Automatic

BMW Automatic Soft Close

Offered by BMW in their 740Li model.

You all have a friend who slams the car door, no matter what car we’re talking about, don’t you? I know I have a few friends that do that. And it absolutely bugs my mind every time it happens. Well, there won’t be any more door slamming once you get this option for your car. It’s now enough to gently push the door and the automated mechanism takes over and securely closes your door for you. And for your annoying friends.


9. Stryker Red paint

SRT Viper Stryker Red

Offered by Dodge/SRT for their Viper model.

The most exclusive red paint you can currently find on the market. That’s what SRT offers through their Stryker Red paint job. The special paint is actually worth more than most small town cars available on the market. And I’m not talking about used cars. Furthermore, SRT assures its customers that each Stryker Red Viper is completely hand painted in a process that takes 7 whole days to complete.

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