You know that moment when you find someone that you like and you spend the next seven days reading that person’s Wikipedia page, all the news from the last year and, in my case, watch all the videos that you could possibly watch in seven days.

That’s what happened with me and Roswitha when we first heard about Ellen and her show about two years ago. Since then we’ve probably watched 97% of the episodes and we’ve come to love her even more.

If you read this blog before or the about page, you know that I love the Ellen Show and that she’s one of my favorite people on Earth. And because I am such an organized person (haha!), I save most of the videos that I like into different playlists on Youtube – I’ve got 41 of them and counting.

One of my playlists is called “Beautiful” and that’s where I save all the videos that inspire me to be kind and to live my life with more compassion towards other people and, of course, to do a good deed every now and then.

If you haven’t watched the Ellen Show before, you should start now – it’s on Youtube and it’s so much fun. She manages to be funny, but to also inspire people in such a positive way through her show and through all that she does.

Another thing that I absolutely love about her is that most of the people that come to her show are so authentic even though some of them are so different at other shows, but because she is so authentic and kind, people can relax and just be themselves much easier.

CAUTION! If you’re scrolling below this area, you risk being inspired in a very positive way and you might even do a good deed in the next 7 days. 

Ready? Let’s see the most inspiring and kind videos from the Ellen Show.


When I write this kind of articles I realize how much I love my “job” and how blessed I am to be so inspired while I am trying to inspire others to change their lives, to become better human beings and to be happier.


Your Turn!

Take a moment to think about the following things:

  • What if you would make your task for this week to find one area of your job that really fulfills you, really makes you feel blessed and do that for as long as possible this week or as long as your boss let’s you do that.
  • What if you could do what you love and what fulfills you more often?
  • How different will your life look like?

If you felt inspired by any of the videos above, please take a moment to share this article with your friends so that they can also feel the joy and connection that you felt. Also, be aware of your surroundings and see how you can improve someone’s life in the next few days even if it’s a small thing.

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As Ellen would say, “Be kind to one another!”

And if Ellen is reading…

I am also going to leave this here as a gift for Ellen if she’s reading this article by any chance – almost one hour of cats videos. Enjoy!

Picture credit to celebrityabc via flickr