From Homeless to Hacker

Homeless and Hacker wearing Hoodie    

Most people think of a hoodie as something to throw on before you head to the gym and would never consider the hoodie as anything but ultra casual. Recent fashion trends have started to transform this slouchy weekend wear to a sleek fashion piece that can be worn in all dynamics of life.

In the past few years’ men’s style has started to take on a sportier outlook, by leaning more towards comfort and functionality and mixing in fashion statements depending on personal preference. With nothing more comfortable and functioning than a long sleeve hoodie with pockets to hold your keys, wallet, and iPhone (not to mention the hood if it starts raining), there’s no wonder it is moving toward a staple in men’s fashion.

Silicon Valley Trend

The hoodie has been seen as a fashion item directed towards the younger generations as easy apparel to wear to school, therefore perceived as an immature clothing item. Through the years, the Silicon Valley has seen the youth take over the working world and innovating society with their ingenious ideas. The hoodie trend now persists within the working world.

Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook wearing a Hoodie

The hoodie as a fashion statement seemed to begin in the tech world. Mr. Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has been known to rock the hoodie on any and all occasions. Investor meetings, presentations, and interviews – the hoodie has been his go to look for formal and casual wear.

The tech world recognizing the smarts and success that Zuckerberg has had to offer society, people of the tech world have transformed their work apparel in order to attract and blend in with the younger generations who are innovating our world. This blend of formal and casual wear has taken a stance as an important part of corporate culture. Many other Silicon Valley tech companies have a non-formal dress code allowing for the hoodie to come forth as a standard second to the blazer in the work environment.

Wearing Hoodie in Silicon Valley Tv Show

The recently aired TV show Silicon Valley has reiterated the standard stereotypes of startup fashion. Besides living in a community where every simple idea can take shape into a multi-billion dollar company, the casual fashion has spread into the overall culture. Breaking the barriers of slacks, ties, and dress shoes is the versatile hoodie.

CEO’s are no longer stereotyped to sleep in a suite and have a closet full of dress shoes, but are just regular guys who prefer to be comfortable over stylish. No longer is there a need to “project success” through ones outfit at work – if you came up with a multi-billion dollar idea, everyone knows it and know you. In Silicon Valley, comfort has exceeded the suite.

Work Wear

Now, if  successful people aren’t wearing suits and slacks to work anymore then their employees don’t need to follow a dress code either. This classic zip-up can be found in the work field and has become a bonding mechanism for employees as a way to identify oneself. In today’s world, if you work for Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc – you want people to know. Wearing a customized corporate hoodie is standard for companies with thousands of employees and multiple corporate offices across the country. If you are looking for some classic corporate hoodies, check out Vastrm’s group apparel page.

Brad Pitt wearing a Hoodie Pharrell Williams Lanvin Navy hoodie Jacket

Aside from the rich and famous of the tech world, the hoodie can be seen dressing the rich and famous of Hollywood as well. Working as a pullover under a jacket for some added warmth or a zip up with some bling, the hoodie can accommodate any style. The hoodie has moved from a symbol of laziness to a strong player in the casual wear world. The versatility of the hoodie is a clear indication of its ability to fall well into any style, comfy or classy.

Fashion Forward

Colorful Hoodies by Burberry SS14

Fendi Hoodie at Milan Fashion Week

Once the hoodie managed to creep into the work place and casual celebrity wear, it was only a manner of time before it hit the runways. The hood has been seen as an added feature to the classic button up sweater as well as made from unconventional materials to give it an interesting look.

Fendi uses fur and leather to move the hoodie away from the slouchy, casual vibe it is usually seen as. Burberry puts the cozy back into the hoodie using fleece and other soft, sweater fabrics. The hoodie can reach many ends of the fashion spectrum. The comfortable, casual side can be brought out through traditional fabrics and subdued, neutral colors. The edgy and mysterious side of the hoodie is easily expressed through unique fabrics and color combinations.

No matter how you style it, the hoodie is extremely practical and comfortable. From the couch to the runway, the hoodie has a long road of fashion ahead.