DKNY also known as Donna Karan New York is a New York fashion based fashion house specializing in goods for men.

Let’s have a browse of the DKNY SS14 Menswear Collection:


This first outfit is have 4 basic but very solid colours involved. As we’ve seen with previous SS14 collections, blue has played a major part and is doing-so again here. We start off with a black baseball cap, we then go down to the shirt which is a light shade blue with a plain white tie. It’s matched with a blue plaid blazer.

Next we have a navy blue overcoat and or raincoat which I believe to be very much a centerpiece for this particular outfit. The trousers are matching and are rolled up above the ankles which has also been a common theme amongst SS14 collections. Black shoes have also make a big statement, added white laces gives it a more eccentric touch. This holdall bag is the perfect match, it’s black leather trimmings and handles blend in nicely.

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Check out these other outfits featuring summer coats:


Suited, booted and ready to go.

SKNY SS14-5This outfit is immalculate and classy. We have 4 different solid colours creating this smart vibe. The blazer contains tones of a greyish green. The shirt is a light mint green co-ordinated with grey trousers. This outfit is most comprimised of green and grey tones. The black polka dot tie stands out from the rest of the suit as do the matching black shoes. This is something you could definetly wear at the office.

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Check out these other looks:

DKNY SS14-6The timeless and classic black suit with striped tie.


These outfits are a little different, but still incredibly fashionable.

DKNY SS14-9This outfit compiles of 2 very bright tones. The blazer and suit shorts are a very light tone of baby blue while the white shirt still manages to create an impact. I love how the shorts are above the knee as I believe it gives off a better look. This outfit is topped off with black shoes with white laces.

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More shorts?

DKNY SS14-10The casual hoody and tee give this outfit a relaxed look.

DKNY SS14-11DKNY SS14-12

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