Struggling to find that perfect gift this Christmas?

Gifts can be awfully tricky to buy at Christmas, especially when it comes to groomingskin care and fragrance products, it’s these kind of gifts you always think twice about before buying.

The soap and water days are now over, skin has changed and new technology has risen allowing us to look (and smell!) our best each and every single day.

Just below I would like to share with you some of my personal favourite products (that actually work!)  and a few interesting ones that have recently launched! (exciting times!).


The hardest gift to buy of all is fragrance, because they’re so personal and bring lots of good happy memories in our lives we never want to change our favourite fragrance.

A recently launched fragrance that captures the emotions and sensuality is Sothys Paris prestige skin care. This exceptional timeless fragrance offers elegance notes of french lavender, cedar and white musk that delivers a delightful woody, aromatic and woody scent.

A top tip is to apply a fragrance-free body lotion all over the body then apply one or two sprays of your chosen fragrance – the scent will last much longer on the skin because it was moisturized beforehand.

For men who like aromatic accord notes then this would make the perfect end to your skin care regimen.

An exclusive, limited edition fragrance that won’t be sticking around for long! Theirry Mugler has created a new vision of A*Men – A*Men Pure Wood offers high notes of rustic wood whilst using the purest coffee and the sweetness of vanilla running throughout fragrance.

This unique, high energy fragrance might not be everyone’s taste but it’s a definite grower. A fragrance your either going to love or hate so I would recommend heading down to nearest John Lewis or Harrods for a sniff.


A correct skin care routine is as important as remembering to brush your teeth first thing in the morning, I’m serious! If skin isn’t properly cared for havoc arrives leading with an array of issues including blemishes, blackheads and greasy skin.


Clinique are famous for their iconic 3-Step System of Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize. Luckily for us men, Clinique have recently relaunched the Clinique for Men range that offers a simpler way of looking after our skin. This travel-friendly kit contains the daily essentials for radiant, glowing skin.

If your skin is more on the oiler side, then this is perfect for you, because Clinique have created an Oil Control Essentials Kit that contains distilled witch hazel to combat excess shine that sometimes occurs throughout the day.

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Say bye-bye to unwanted shine!


Both of the kits above are perfect for those with delicate, sensitive skin. Clinique products are always allergy tested and fragrance free.


Goldfaden MD is a new brand that shouldn’t be missed!

This Radiant Skin Renewal Starter Kit will give your dull looking skin a much-needed boost this Christmas; Goldfaden MD’s incredible best-selling Doctors Scrub is the perfect pre-shave exfoliator (no need to look like Santa Claus this Christmas!) that contains Ultra Fine Ruby Crystals to removed dead skin cells which can cause blemishes or breakouts. Hyaluronic Acid delivers a burst of hydration into the skin and Seaweed Extract provides excellent antioxidant protection.

Rinse away any left residue with Pure Start Detoxifying Cleanser! This high quality cleanser is formulated with Grapefruit Extract offering pure deep detoxification. Hydrolysed Wheat Protein improves skin firmness while retaining natural moisture into the skin.

To end these 3 simple steps to brighter, clear skin…

Moisturising the skin is a MUST after using any kind of cleanser. Goldfaden MD introduces Vital Boost that uses line-filling Hyaluronic Acid and Gooseberry Extract leaving skin looking picture-perfect!


Moving back to Clinique (I guess by know you have noticed I’m a big Clinique fan!

If blemishes are your concern this Christmas than fear not! Clinique’s Anti-Blemish Solutions Oil-Control Cleansing Mask is here to help (hooray!). I’ve aways kept a tube of this in my bathroom for those unexpected emergencies. This natural clay-based face mask contains 1% Active Salicylic Acid that works by cleaning deep down into the pores reducing future blemishes whilst effectively healing current spots on the surface, this ingredient also works as a light exfoliation on the skin. (yippee!)

Top tip: Why not use this product as an overnight spot treatment by applying a small amount onto a spot before heading to bed?

Are you a big fan of clay-based face masks? I would truly consider adding this blemish-fighting face mask to your Christmas Wish List! 


Are you traveling away this Christmas? Check out this affordable Masks to Go Kit from Origins. 4 individual travel-size pods that contain Origins best-selling mask “Clear Improvement’.

We can all get stress leading up to Christmas with all the important jobs and deadlines that have to be finished before the big day and unfortunately stress can show on the skin.

Environmental pollution, daily grime and dirt, insufficient cleansing can also affect the look of our skin leading to unwanted blackheads (boo!)

Origins Clear Improvement Face Mask contains Active Charcoal that works with the skin by sucking up nasty toxins from open pores onto the surface, then White China Clay removes those toxins from the skin allowing Lecithin to deeply cleanse skin.

Did you know that cells produce sebum have receptors for stress hormones?


These are my two favourite face masks I feel that truly deliver instant, fast results!


There is a wide variety of different hand creams on the market, some do the job well, and some don’t – It all depends on how well you look after your hands in the first place! Excessive washing-up, working outside in cold climate or even not drying hands properly can cause hands to become dry and sore.

Crabtree & Evelyn London created the most luxurious hydrating hand creams ever known to man that are Formulated without mineral oil, parabens, propylene glycol or sodium lauryl sulfate.

Gardeners Mini 60 Second Fix Kit for Hands



This intensive, nutrient-rich hand cream duo cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes leaving hands in tip-top condition. Fragrance with garden extracts of fresh green clover, lavender, sage, rosemary, and thyme. This is a brilliant collection for any man who plays outdoor sports activities. The next time you hit the outdoors, remember to bring a tube of Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream with you!

Christmas time can get messy; Remember to apply a hand cream after slaving over the sink from those dirty dishes!


New British natural brand ‘BEE GOOD’ offers old healing powers of honey, propolis and beeswax whilst supporting bee farmers.

This Vanilla & Honey Lip Balm uses only the finest ingredients that (really!) makes a difference to our dry, unprotected lips. No nasty synthetic ingredients are used in all BEE GOOD products.

Real active ingredients include British beeswax, Vitamin E, British Borage Oil and British Wild Flower Honey (Mel) that makes this lip balm a top recommendation from myself! (no buzzing bees were harmed in the making of this lip balm).



This superb Body Performance Kit contains two powerful duos that work together in harmony allowing tired, achy muscles to fully recover from an intense workout.


This Aching Muscle Super Soak is jam-packed full of aromatherapy oils that gives those worn out muscles a real treat! Birch, Juniper, Clove, Alpine Lavender, Wild Thyme and Blue Chamomile work all in synergy to provide you the best possible relaxing soak!

Get ready to meet your new gym buddy..

This Instant Refreshing Gel is the perfect muscle soother after an intense workout at the gym that contains an array of energizing ingredients like menthol and cooling camphor. You can apply the product all over the body where there is muscle tension.

Do you suffer from constant headaches? Apply this gel across the forehead for an instant relief of tension.

I’m pretty positive you will need something calming and relaxing from being busy preparing and organizing Christmas. This Exclusive Christmas Kit from Elemis will ease your mind and senses so you can gracefully relax after the big day!

So, the Complete Holiday Grooming Gift Guide has finally come to an end; I hope you have all thoroughly enjoyed reading all the selected gifts I have featured, and hopefully a few (or more!)    will consider purchasing them this Christmas!