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Brand Focus: Corsivo

Simplicity is the keynote of all elegance. Yet simplicity in fashion is one that is carefully constructed and thought out that in reality, it is no simple feat. The way to exude simplicity and minimalism in men's fashion is to create an illusion of no effort. As the 'Book of the Courtier' by Baldassare Castiglione [...]

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S/S 2014 Ready to Wear Men’s Sunglasses

With winter solstice near its end, hopefully you have found a pair of sunglasses that exhibits style! Although choosing a pair can be daunting, here are a few sunglasses you might want to consider for Spring Summer 2014.   CARRERA 84/S – Special Edition      Carrera sunglasses are one of 5 important in-house brands [...]

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Brand Focus: Plum of London

The bane of many gentleman's life is the domineering and arduous search for a quality scarf. Primark, even if you try to compensate it as 'Primarni', will ever be able to produce knitwear that could survive the duties a man faces. It'll be battered by the wind, stretched by burly hands and crammed into a [...]

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Style Talk: Elliot Suiter from InStitchu

A while back, we have started interviewing people from the fashion industry: bloggers, designers, businessmen and i know how much everyone loved our last "Style Talk" with Emil Anton. Now we want to expand this even further and also interview people from the grooming industry (stay tuned), but this way we promise to deliver them [...]

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How to Wear Your Socks: 3 Important Rules

So you got on the suit, the tie bar, pocket square on your way lock in that client that is going to boost your career through the roof; or maybe you have on the best casual outfit, determined that this is NOT going to be the night you go home alone. It's been said over and [...]

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Famous Facial Hair: Hollywood’s 6 Best Beards Of All Time

In Hollywood there are so many roles offered to baby faced actors and preteen look-a-likes. But what is making the older crowd swoon over these leading men isn't a clean-cut face. The bearded actors I've chosen in this list are in no particular order. But they all have one thing in common, facial hair that [...]

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Top 5 Supplements Men Should Take Now!

As a Fashion Photographer, my schedule is often fast-paced and maintaining a healthy regiment is highly critical. No one wants to see a sloppy photographer behind the camera; imaging Kate Moss or Anja Rubik’s reaction – in other respects stock-a-riffic! Here are five important supplements you should stock up on today! Trust me, your body [...]

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Paris Fashion Week AW14: The Review

Paris is a city ruled by luxury. The elegance of the debutantes and monsieors that grace the cobblestone streets of the old French town are one to be respected, yet you could say that a town of such class is by definition restrained. According to the many designers, the age-old romantic city is the only setting [...]

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