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5 Men’s Bag Trends In 2014

Ah the trusty man-bag! Over the last decade it’s become something of a staple accessory for the modern metrosexual male. Things have certainly come a long way since that famous Friends episode when Joey Tribbiani tips up with a rather effeminate ‘man’ bag. Also, if you’re anything like me and partial to sporting slim fitting denim; [...]

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How To Wear a Polo Shirt: Five Ways To Try

The polo shirt is quite possibly the most versatile shirts a man can own. See how to wear a polo shirt and dress it up with slacks or down with jeans.

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15 Favorite Looks From Brioni SS14 Collection

Brioni is an Italian high-end fashion house founded in 1945. It mostly specializes in hand-made suits and was recently acquired by Kering in 2011. It began business after World War 2 when tailor Nazareno Fonticoli and his partner Gaetoni Savini opened up their first shop in Rome.   Lets take a look at the Brioni [...]

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Barbour: Spring/Summer 2014

The cover is dated 1908 and reads in bold lettering 'John Barbour & Sons Oilskin Clothing, Factors & Warehousemen - Market Place, South Fields.' It was 70 years after the release of this iconic catalogue that Barbour, still a family company, sailed out of the seas of obscurity. Evolving from a brand once chiefly worn by seamen [...]

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6 Must Have Men’s Shoes In 2014

You can't beat a cracking pair of new shoes. Whether it be smart brogues or a pair of lightweight summer loafers, there's something very satisfying in doning your new clogs for their first step out. In the past I never use to be that clued up on what constituted decent footwear. During my early to [...]

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Men Of Style, Justin Timberlake.

Justin Timberlake is an American singer, songwriter and in most recent years, he's focused on his acting career. He is most certainly a men's style icon and I'm going to tell you why. From his early hip-hop years to his present day acting career and latest album which is an embodiment of his au courants. [...]

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The Essential Skin Care Guide For Men

Have you ever wondered why there is such a huge range of men’s skin care products readily available on the beauty market? The answer is simple – Men’s skin is much different to women’s skin and it varies a lot more.     Men tend to have much thicker skin than women, which results in [...]

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Men’s Suits: The Only 3 Styles You Need To Know

The fashion world can only be described as turbulent. It is a blustery world where trends of varying degrees are thrown into each other, leaving us, the people, left to pick up the eccentric debris. With this season set to one that champions an 'anything goes' ethos, it's sometimes nice to forgo all the wackiness [...]

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