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The Office Suit: Why Choosing the Right Colors is So Important

Choosing the right color for your office suit is not just so your work colleagues won't make fun of you, but it's a matter of self-confidence. See the right colors!

By | April 10th, 2013|OLD Male Extravaganza|0 Comments

Advices from Ten of the Most Popular Men’s Fashion Designers

Although women are more inclined to be conscious about how they look, there are also men out there who take time to prep and groom and fuss about what to wear. The world of fashion does not revolve solely around women. Men’s fashion designers are out in there in the arena dressing up men in [...]

By | April 4th, 2013|OLD Male Extravaganza|0 Comments

1920’s Men’s Fashion: Incorporating The Past in Today’s Trends

I know that people of today were not yet born in the 1920's. However, doesn't it intrigue you what men's fashion was during those days? Those years played a big role in the evolution of fashion, for both men and women. During that decade, there has been a big change on how both men and [...]

By | March 5th, 2013|OLD Male Extravaganza|0 Comments

Men of Style: Johnny Depp

I think that anyone that owns a TV has had to hear at least once in their life of the handsome devil called Johnny Depp. For those that have lived under a rock all these years and have just discovered the miracle of the T.V. or the internet just click here maybe that will clear out [...]

By | March 4th, 2013|OLD Male Extravaganza|0 Comments

The Man, The Legend: How A Style Icon Defined Cool

Steve McQueen is a household name. He is known worldwide, by a number of reputations that, even for the perceptions of those not old enough to remember his on-screen and off-screen antics, precede him. The stuff of legend, the man encapsulated the rebellious American persona that has many times been imitated, but never equalled. ‘Too [...]

By | February 6th, 2013|OLD Male Extravaganza|0 Comments

The Essential Shoe Styles Every Man Should Own

When it comes to shoes, most men fall into one of two categories: those who own way too many and those who don’t own enough. In reality, the majority of men should be able to get by easily with about five pairs of footwear, which if selected carefully, will cover all the bases so you [...]

By | February 4th, 2013|OLD Male Extravaganza|0 Comments
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