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We believe that the best drinks are those that are given, or shared, so at Alexander & James we put special focus on gifts” ( .

I believe that their special focus is great, because I am in love with their perfect packaging and it is all extremely brand aligned and consistent throughout their website as well, which is something that I adore to see at a brand.

Male-Extravaganza and Alexander & JamesAlexander & James 35 year old Brora Single Malt Whisky

Alexander & James, represent a beautiful brand, created as a tribute to two great spirits makers, Alexander Walker and James Buchanan, as they say on their website. They have a heritage of over half a century of craftsmanship, even though they are quite new on the internet.

As a brand, they aim to “ provide the perfect blend of high-end drinks shopping, expert advice, editorial content and exclusive products”, for their customers, as well as giving them an easy way to order and an impeccable service with a fast delivery. They are backed up by the world’s leading spirits company, Diageo and offer a wide range of brands, such as Zacapa, Cîroc or Tanqueray, but also a wide range of Johnnie Walker’s newly released whiskies or limited edition single malts.

Male-Extravaganza and Alexander & JamesAlexander & James Logo

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I have first discovered Alexander & James, when my father received a 21 year old Bushmills whisky for his 40th birthday. It was a more than beautiful packaging, with the light burgundy box it came into, I was fascinated, simply by the packaging. Personally I am not a whisky drinker, so I cannot say that I know much about this drink, but it looked mesmerizing. Very expensive as well.

Later on, remembering this packaging, I saw it again after one of my father’s trips with work. That color and writing kept coming back to me all the time. It looked just perfect, but I knew my father and his interest in a good whisky, so I was not surprised when opening it and finding yet another of their great products. This time it was a Johnnie Walker Platinum. Male-Extravaganza and Alexander & James

My dad’s choices in terms of drinks were always elegant, and had a beautiful packaging, so it was always appealing. However, I did not expect him to like Alexander & James that much, but he discovered their online store, and since then, the packaging keeps coming back. Even his friends know, so they always make sure to bring something new. I have found it weird as first, knowing that none of my parents were drinkers, but an occasional friend’s visit and getting out the beautifully packaged bottle of whisky, claimed out all the wows existent in a room.

A while ago, I got notified that I had a package waiting for me at the reception. It was bizarre, as I was not expecting anything to have delivered, especially not a package as big as the one I had found there. Looking at the address, I did not recognize it at all, so I kept thinking that it must be for someone else. However, after seeing my name written on the address, I thought that it had to be some sort of a mistake. I didn’t remember ordering anything the previous weeks, so it did come as a schlock to have a big white box waiting for me. I went upstairs, back to my flat and eagerly opened the box to see what was inside.

Peeking at me, under a great deal of white paper was the unforgettable Alexander & James burgundy, that I have kept seeing while I was younger in the drinks cabinet we have at home. I have carefully opened the box and saw it was a present: a beautiful engraved Johnnie Walker Gold Bullion.

Male-Extravaganza and Alexander & James

Male-Extravaganza and Alexander & James


The Male-Extravaganza team was more than thrilled to receive such a beautiful gift from Alexander & James. We have truly all felt that our work has gone far and that we have been rewarded for our efforts to bring males fashion and lifestyle to another level. Thank you very much Alexander & James for rewarding us with one of your amazing cutom engraved bottles. We cannot wait to taste it when our whole team reunites.

Male-Extravaganza and Alexander & JamesMale-Extravaganza and Alexander & James Male-Extravaganza and Alexander & James Male-Extravaganza and Alexander & James

 You can find their whole website here, and why not order something beautiful to share with your special half, or with your classy friends?