I know this topic is a controversial one, because every time someone comes up with some sort of boundaries, regardless the subject, there will be people who tend to criticize, argue and disobey. And they do it because, nowadays, the human being does not like being told what to do, even if that particular thing is something that would help him grow, again, regardless the subject. It is not wrong to follow the lead of this classic saying: “fashion has no rules”. But first, you need to learn the rules in order to break them later, and, for the record, every gentleman should know how to properly set his directions, his purposes and priorities. Here is where we are trying to interfere, in order to be every gentleman’s backup in terms of personal growth.

On this point, it is not very pleasant to observe the herd instinct making space between every direction given. You have to step out of the crowd, if you want to be successful. People call them limits, that’s why they see it hard to follow. We call them directions, and if you know how to embrace them, you might be surprised by the differences that are definitely going to be seen in your life.


Style Mistake - Unfitted Clothes

photo source: amazon.com

This is the most common style mistake people do these days. No matter whether it is a special occasion or not, your clothing should fit your body shape and your proportions. This is the first step to take into consideration if you want to take your aesthetic a turn for the better. This is really the basic right here! Stop thinking about matching colors, patterns, accessories, etc., because first and foremost you need to work on how your clothes fit and then we will get into more details about matching them.

Why is this a mistake?

Not only is this a mistake, but also something that would just not let you look good. Just like a door that would not open. The way your clothes fit plays the biggest role in upgrading your style. If you paper over this part, then your desire to improve your style is a lost cause.

If your pants are loose and your jacket shoulders are falling, it really does not matter if you are wearing a Brioni suit or a cheap no-name one, you will still look like someone else is buying you clothes! This is the main reason why we are calling this point “the basic”, because if you don’t know this, you can end up spending your money on expensive clothes that won’t help your image (okay, maybe you will be a bit more confident in yourself).


If you do not have the proper knowledge to make this work for your own good, it is time for you to regularly visit your tailor. Start talking to somebody who is able to help you on this matter or make your own research through websites that are destined to give a hand on this niche.

Some basic rules to keep in mind for how your clothes should fit!

[aici sa introducem ceva basic rules din articolul asta: https://male-extravaganza.com/how-clothes-should-fit/ — ar fi fain sa putem sa il facem cumva mai vizual. Ai vreo idee?]

[insert a few basic measurements they should look for: pants, jacket and shirts]

TEST your tailor! When searching for a new tailor, there are some easy ways to test him and see if you both are on the same page. Learn the above-mentioned basic measurement and casually ask him 2-3 measurement techniques and you will immediately see if he is right for you or not!

TIP: A tailor can be excellent, but if he does not share your vision about how you want to look, it can become frustrating on the long-term.

Remember: Your tailor does not have to be famous to be good! Most people think you need to be rich to afford a tailor and that couldn’t be more wrong! Use the techniques mentioned above to find an affordable tailor that is willing to work with you according to your needs.

Ask for discounts! If you have 5 dress shirts that you want to be tailored, don’t be afraid (or ashamed) to ask for discounts. Most tailors have different loyalty programs and they either offer you a discount or will tailor a clothing item for free if you already worked with him 5 times.

PRO TIP: know your exact measurements! This will make shopping much easier, especially if you buy a lot of clothes online.


Style Mistake - Too many patterns

photo source: vanillawalk.org

Do not include too many prints, forms or motifs in your outfit. People with a great need to make themselves noticed tend to do that by all means, and the results don’t look so bright (see #19). Let’s be honest here: nobody likes someone that is trying too much or acts in an un-natural way.

Why is this a mistake?

It could make you look hilarious and give the impression that you are trying too hard. And there comes the failure in style. Normally, it is not recommended to opt for more than 2 prints in an outfit, unless you want to look like an optical illusion.


If you’ve got a pair of patterned trousers, choose uni-coloured shirt & jacket. If you have a one-tone suit, you could either match it with a patterned shirt and a patterned tie, or with a patterned shirt and a solid tie and reverse. If you choose a patterned suit, shirt and tie, it will put you, undoubtedly, in a bad light. 

Too Many Patterns

If you want to stand out, there are other, wiser, tricks you can use like: investing in quality menswear or learning how to use colors and accessories to your advantage.


Leaving for a short time this wrong concept that refers to the desperate need of being different, to switch to the category defined by the ones that are not informed and inspired enough and tend to combine unaesthetic patterns.

Why is this a mistake?

If you don’t opt for an adequate pattern mixing, then it is better not to do it at all. Just like when it comes to color, pattern mixing is just as dangerous. And it’s not only that it requires that specific harmony created by the prints, but also great accuracy in choosing the perfect combinations.

How to fix?

First of all, start looking for some inspiration, for you might really be amazed of the many ideas that are going to show up in your head. Second of all, don’t forget to experiment! Try the combinations yourself, take a look in the mirror, decide what fits best and what is too much and make your own decisions. Wear different pattern sizes, it will make your outfit look well-structured and unbeatable.

[search for about 6-10 pictures in which the patterns are perfectly mixed]

[see if you can come up with an idea on how we can create a picture as we did with #2 above]


Style Mistake - Too many colours

photo source: pinterest.com

Honestly, we find the best application for this quote in fashion: “simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”. Keeping it simple might be very difficult for several men, and, looking to the picture above, it really is.

Why is this a mistake?

Indeed, it is said that the modern gentleman has to be bold enough to wear colour. The thing is, there are too many of them who go over the line and tend to become a little bit exaggerated, thus as you all know, a man is oftenly preconceived due to the amount of color he is wearing, and you just might want to avoid that situation.

Quick fix?

Try to avoid wearing more than 3 colours as much as possible. This way you will keep your outfit clean and balanced. If you do choose to take a risk and wear three colours, don’t pick a bright tone for each of them, like in the picture above. Keep the chromatic for your overall look weighted enough in order to maintain a coordinated look.


To set something clear for the very beginning. It is you who needs to shine. The focus has to be on you. But when we say “shine”, we are not talking about a shiny outfit, rather we say that you need to wear the kind of colors that would make you look good. That means that you have to be very careful with the colors you choose to appear in.

Why is this a mistake?

The first thing that’s staring you in the face is the color that you wear. People have the gift to realise what are the best colors, which, worn together, bring harmony and masculinity. It doesn’t matter the high-end brand you’re wearing, as long as you can ruin everything with one ill-suited color.

How to fix?   To start with an example, wouldn’t it be quiet funny if you dressed in green and red? If it’s not Christmas or you’re not one of the Santa’s elves, don’t do that. There are certain colors that do not complement each other. If you can’t handle it, a colour wheel should be helfpul in this case. Also, it’s important to match the color of your clothes with your skin tone.

If you have dark skin, you can either wear dark colors or bright colors that match the strength of your skin color. If you have very fair skin, lighter colors are most flattering on you – like soft pastels or icy colors. Referring to the professional look, try to focus more on the neutral tones and do not forget: less is more.


Style Mistake - Matching the tie and pocketsquare

photo source: oxfordtiecompany.com

Indeed there still are brands on the market that sell the tie/bow-tie along with the pocketsquare. And you know what the problem is? They are both made from the same fabric and colour, and that is a style mistake you can not afford to wear.

Why is this a mistake?

We are talking here about the amateur’s combination. If there’s a small step to a brighter future in terms of personal style, this is the one to take it. Matching your tie/bow-tie with your pocketsquare looks indistinctive and it indicates lack of creativity and inspiration.

How to fix?

There is such a wide range of products and variaties available and, guys, you are given the chance to play with the fabric and the colours, Find the perfect harmony in terms of colour and let your imagination flow. 



Unless we’re talking sports, white socks are a terrible, wrongheaded decision in terms of style. Their main purpose is to serve the athletic persons on athletic occasions. It is considered a cheap and very unprofessional choice of the socks game.

Why is this a mistake?

No gentleman with self-respect should keep those white socks in his wardrobe. They are just as useless as an outfit is without attitude. It is all-over considered a cheap and unprofessional choice.

How to fix?

If you’re passionate about wearing white socks, we suggest you start working out more than you usually do, but do not destroy your image wearing white socks on occasions that have nothing to do with sports. Stick to the idea that we live in a modern world, where modern gentlemen are seen as alpha males, that’s why you need to act like one, if you want be a part of the pack.



Wrong socks colour

Avoid matching your socks with your shoes, rather than with your pants.

Why is this a mistake?

When matching your socks with your shoes, you create a bald bottom-part of the outfit. And it definitely makes you look cheap, and we would not want to let that happen. After all, how are we supposed to help people if not by showing them how to make the best of their appearance?

How to fix? Match the color of your socks with the color of your pants. It is more professional. Also, socks can be matched to something worn above the waist as well, such as one’s shirt, tie or pocketsquare. As a more creative alternative, you could just use them as a flash colour. If you do that properly, you will add your outfit a note of individuality and you will definitely look more confident. See HERE how the best-dressed men around the world showed their socks off confidently at Pitti Uomo 87 and get inspired.

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Style Mistake - Improper Pants Length

One common and annoying mistake that we daily get to see, even at very well-known style influencers, is wearing pants that are too long.

Why is this a mistake?

Your pants should never look folded-up. It indicates laziness and carelessness, not to mention that it makes you look like you don’t give a damn about how you dress. That’s something referring to the ones that are still in the process of improvement. There are famous people or style influencers who tend to neglect this part. Of course, they are still looking good out there on the streets, because of the high-quality photography and the good selection of clothes. But, as we said, we want to help you make the best of your outfits, thus every detail needs to be taken into consideration.

How to fix?

The pants must be smoothly falling down your legs to avoid the unwanted creases and your shoes should be entirely exposed to view. If you just can’t find the right pants, just buy the ones you’ve bought before and take them to a tailor for a new fitting session and adjustment.


Style mistake - Socks that are too short

photo source: artofmanliness.com

Why is this a mistake? Don’t you guys think it is quite embarassing when you sit down and the skin from your legs is exposed? Especially when wearing a more formal outfit, your socks should come up as much as possible, preferably up to your calves. Nevertheless, this does not apply for the casual outfit.

How to fix?

You should start being more organised and more attentive on this matter. As I said, you will save yourself from an awkward posture. Don’t forget, this one is about the professional wear. When dressing casual, we even encourage you to go sockless.

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Style mistake - inappropriate tie length

photo source: parleiv.tumblr.com

This is another style mistake a lot of men keep doing. If your tie gets beyond your buckle belt, or it doesn’t reach that part, than you are wearing it wrong.

Why is this a mistake?

Because this is the baseline in terms of style. Want to know why this is the baseline? Because it looks perfect, visually talking. It is all about high standards here. Do you want to remain mediocre or do you want to step forward?

How to fix?

In the picture above, the one in the middle demonstrates how a tie should fall perfectly. I see a lot of celebrities even on the red carpet who appear with their ties way too long and we would really want to draw attention into it. After all, does it take that long to tie your tie once again?


Style mistake - wrong belt colour

photo source: islandmix.com

Something we are going to say all over again, every time we have the chance: Pay attention to details.

Black suit, black shoes, brown belt. Navy suit, brown shoes, black belt. Grey suit, burgundy shoes, brown belt. All wrong!

Why is this a mistake?

Not matching your belt to your shoes creates, once again, a visual gap that doesn’t allow your outfit to head to impeccability. This applies especially to the professional, semi-formal and formal looks.

How to fix?

If you’d like to look like a organized gent with a well-handled way of dressing, match the colour of your belt with the colour of your shoes. If you opt for a casual pair of shoes or even sneakers, try not to match them with a belt that is too formal, such as the ones you wear with a suit.


It is known that it is somehow wrong to wear your short-sleeve shirt under the suit jacket, but some people tend to forget that it is also wrong to wear it with a tie.

Why is this a mistake? 

Choosing to wear a short sleeve shirt with a tie is by all means unallowable and it is generally perceived as a low-end apparel. It is a matter of insight here, and if you do it wrong, you’ll be the one ending verbally hurt and prejudged.

How to fix?

Stick to the long-sleeve shirts when wearing ties if you want to look professional and confident. Confidence is hot, and do you know what’s hotter? Justifying it.


Is this one of those days when you are fully dressed-up, well-groomed, looking dapper and flawless but your colleagues keep laughing at you? You must have forgotten to unbutton the bottom button of your jacket and you can now forget about the rest of your look, because you’ve just made one of the most popular style mistakes.

Why is this a mistake?

Leaving the last button unbottoned is a sort of tradition used for decades now, but it’s one which certainly keeps your style looking smart. Some might say it is a proof of good manners.

How to fix?

As I said, if the jacket has 2 buttons, always do the first button up. If the jacket has 3 buttons, never only button the top one. You can either do the first and the second button up together, or just the one in the middle. It is, after all, a matter of tastes, but remember that the last one always stays untouched.


Style Mistake - Blindly following the trends

photo source: jotopr.com

Doesn’t everybody want to feel comfortable in their own skin? That means you need to dress mainly in order to express yourself, definitely not to be “in trend”.

Why is this a mistake?

It is true, we often make editorials showcasing the newest runway collections and we try to keep you updated with the latest trends. But do not get it wrong, we are trying to be a source of inspiration for you and this is just how you should perceive the latest trends too. If you follow the trends blindly, not only that this will limit the chances to improve your personal style, but it might also get you confused and turn you into a person that you’re not.

How to fix?

Be bold, get out of your comfort zone, be extravagant, but please, don’t wear something that doesn’t represent you. Nevertheless, stay true to yourself, do not be a trend follower. Take something that you think would properly suit you from every outfit, something that would represent your character and personality.


Style mistake - tucking your pants into your shoes

photo source: reddit.com

Stop doing that! Unless you’re trying to look like a peasant, stop tucking those jeans inside your boots.

Why is this a mistake?

The risk is that you look rough, untrimmed and what we are trying to promote is a perfect, clear, well-structured look. There would be an exception, though, when you opt for a casual-military look and you want to look tougher than usual.

How to fix? You can always roll-up your pants or, assuming that they have the proper length, just let them fall over your boots. If they don’t, go back to number #9.


Your outfit can look stunning, but it is in vain if your shoes kill the look. Do not make abuse of your shoes!

Why is this a mistake?  They are the most important part in your outfit and you do not want them to look old and exhausted. Imagine that you have prepared with a navy suit for tonight’s office party, but you wore the only brown brogues that you have for 2 days in a row. To remember: If you take care of your shoes, you deserve respect. 

How to fix?  Give them a rest from time to time, to avoid sweat and warping. Invest in a few pairs of shoe trees and place them into your shoes to maintain their best form. Also, if you keep 2 pairs of shoes in the same color might work really well in the future in order for you not to repeat the same mistake.


Stuffed pockets

This is another style mistake that merely hurts my eyes. It’s time you threw those old receipts from your pocket, buy a card-holder and maybe a slimmer wallet.

Why is this a mistake? We find this matter very disturbing, because your pants’ pockets are a place to place to put your hands. Bulging pockets detract from an otherwise streamlined look, so if you notice any square lumps in your pants, it’s a sure sign you need to find a better solution.

How to fix? Remember there is a great accessory out there called bag. And in these days, there are bags available for every type of outfit and occasion, so please, stop filling your pockets to the fullest and try something more practical and visually better.


It is an usual fact that, nowadays, every man wants to stand out. With the already common desire to make a statement and be different, you might call upon details to help you achieve these things. Here’s where another easily made mistake arises from, because a lot of men choose an excessively amount of details.

Why is this a mistake?

A true story is that details do make a difference. A proper selection of accessories not only has the power to take you to another level, to complement your look altogether and imply a note of individuality, but also to ruin your outfit entirely. Whereas the accessories are made to add a final, touching note to your appearance, overloading your look with them often has the opposite effect that you’re going for.

How to fix?

Here’s what you have to bear in mind: use no more than three separate accessories. For example, let’s say you have a printed tie, a colourful pocketsquare and a lapel pin, adding another pin to your tie would be a little rampant. Right on, it is quite similar with a pocket-watch, a collar pin or a six-pack bracelets aside the watch. Keep it balanced, so you don’t get to look like a fussy Christmas Tree.



Our inspiration sources are filled with the best kind of fashion photography, whether is it streetstyle, runway, or stars posing on the red carpet. Referring to this last-mentioned category, we’ve found another style mistake, oftenly made and carelessly unlooked at: people wearing a bow-tie over a dress shirt designer with a collar that requires a tie.

Why is this a mistake?

Let’s remember that we are talking about a formal outfit, a formal dress code, a famous person and we find it quite unjustifiable that people neglect this kind of detail that could tell a lot about a person. Do you want to look like you threw on a suit only because you were supposed to, only because people dress like that on a fancy night? Or do you want to showcase impeccability, perfection and individuality? There is a reason why they made the shirts differently, just so men could wear them according to the occasion.

How to fix?

We suggest you turning into a more responsible gentleman! Respect the requested formal codes by dressing as such. If you do not have the needed shirts both for a tie and a bow tie, we believe it’s time you spend some quality money. No matter what, a gentleman must be ready for anything, and by anything, we mean any-kind-of-partying.


As far as I’m concerned, this mistake is downright pain to my eyes and to every lady’s that can manage to make a difference between a man and a gentleman. It is something that you wouldn’t expect to jump into, especially regarding these days and the evolution men’s style has been through. But hey, sh*t happens.

Why is this a mistake?

How could this not be an error? Think about it. Clearly. Logically. Belts are desired to save your pants from falling down. The same thing about suspenders, so what’s really the point? It is just like you’d carry an umbrella on a sunny day, or put on your sunglasses when it rains. Either way, it is embarassing and unforgivable.

How to fix?

I can only imagine that the one that chose to wear belt and suspenders in the same time is too worried about his pants falling down or he is unfortunate enough to think that this combination would ever look good. Anyhow, dear fellows, quit this “habit” if you have it, for it’s a huge step forward in becoming a better-dressed male.


Another detail that is sometimes neglected is leaving your dress shirt out of your pants. It is very unlikely that one forgets about this aspect, hence we must assume that the man who makes this mistake is literally not aware of its scope.

Why is this a mistake?

If your dress shirt is long enough to cover your butt, that means that it has to be tucked in. In this situation, the length is amplified with the main purpose to remain tucked in, meaning that when you sit down, with the shirt under your butt, it does not irritatingly get out of your pants. Also, making this mistake could make you, as a man, look inappropriate, while you are supposed to look sharp and dapper.

How to fix?

When talking about professional wear, the only think you could change is your mindsets. You are merely not allowed to wear your dress shirt out of your pants. If you’re more like a casual individual, choose to wear shorter dress shirts, to avoid looking cheap and loose. In case you can’t find the shirt for your taste, just take the ones you have to your tailor and your problem should be solved.


As a final word, our selection of style mistakes above is sincerely made for your own sake. It is not personal preference, it is something every man should consider if he wants to look dapper and make a difference. There are, no doubts, some exceptions. For example, when it comes to patterns or socks, these directions might seem conservative. In today’s fashion world, if you know the rules, you have confidence and a sense of style you can show some great results. Stay tuned for a brand new article on that matter!

What do you guys think about these tips? Do you find them useful? Let us know in a comment below and don’t forget to share! Maybe a friend of yours could really use this.