You might find the following quote to be true in some periods of your life: “Life gets in the way”. No matter how much you try to control everything and stick to your goals, a lot of things happen that force you to postpone some of your goals for a later time.

This is exactly what happened in September and it’s something to prove that I am human, just as you are, no guru, authority or perfect human being – I make mistakes, I forget about my goals, I miss deadlines and I feel like I just had enough sometimes. And that’s okay because that’s how you are able to get past these times – by accepting them.

There’s no good in going on “the other side” and start blaming yourself, talking negative, feeling disappointed of who you are because you did not meet all your goals – the (hard) truth is that no matter how great you are some things will just not happen and it might be for your own good. No matter how much of an expert you are at time management and focus, some goals will be unattainable in certain periods of your life.

The wisdom, though, lies in realizing that, accepting it and moving forward!

As I told you in my September issue, every month I will review the past goals and set up new ones. Let’s take a moment to see what happened in September and what are my “excuses”.

1. Attend Milan Fashion Week – did not happen! 

We had to switch our priorities and had some family situation we had to address, which ended up taking less time than expected, but the plane tickets got too expensive in the meantime.

We did, however, took a four-day vacation in the mountain area of Romania, just the two of us and the silence of the mountains. It was amazing, relaxing and very peaceful. We visited Bran Castle (often referred to as Dracula’s Castle), Brasov, Sibiu and the famous Transfagarasan road which climbs as high as 2,044m.

Here’s our view from the hotel balcony:

The mountains of Romania


2. Host my first webinar – done! 

It was a big step out of my comfort zone because I am not very comfortable talking in front of other people (not even online) but it was a huge step forward to reaching my ultimate goal and having seminars and events all over the world teaching people how to live happily and how to start their own business online.

I can gladly say it was a success – people left happy even though we had some technical problems – and I will continue to host one webinar/month about how to start a business online and how to live off of it.

In the meantime, I’ve also had my second webinar where I talked about “How to Launch Your WordPress Website Yourself in 30 Days” and you can still catch the replay by clicking here.


3. Sign up another coaching client – kind of!

I signed up a coaching client for my three-month program, but I had to refund her because I realized we were not compatible and she was clearly not my ideal client.

I have to be honest and tell you that it wasn’t easy to let go of that money, especially because I had big plans with them, but it was the best decision I made because I am not doing this for the money, my main goal is to help other people and produce results!

Shortly after, I had another free session with a possible client and we might be able to start working together in November. Fingers crossed!

Next week I am going to start coaching the winner of the giveaway that I had going on for the second webinar and I am excited to see what we can do together to grow his business.


4. Get published on two big blogs – happened but not as planned!

Bloggers are much busier than you might think and it can be pretty hard to get published on another blog. After I’ve put about 30 hours in writing a 3,300 words article on authenticity in life and business, and waited 45 days for an answer, I got rejected because it’s not something they would post on the blog at this time.

Since then, I’ve sent it to another blog and got rejected there as well because they’re moving away from self-improvement articles and now I am waiting for another reply, hopefully it will take less than 45 days.

There was a lot going on this month that I haven’t had time to write as much as I wanted. I was able to get published on with “15 Life Lessons You Learn by Watching Animation Movies” and I couldn’t be prouder. Also, one of my articles got syndicated on a huge blog

Another big success in September was that I got accepted to write an article on Dan Western’s blog and on Sean Russell’s website – I just need time to write them (one is 90% ready though). And the last success in terms of content for September is that I got contacted by Wingman Magazine to write an article for them because they saw my article on the blog and they loved it.


5. Get 350 email subscribers! – did not happen!

We’ve only managed to add 220 new subscribers to our lists this month, which is still a lot if we compare it with the same time last year when we’ve added about 20. We can do much better though and I have all the plans figured out, but we can’t do it all ourselves. We have an amazing assistant, but we need more help in order to put at least half of our ideas into the world. If you are passionate about web business, you are a positive person and have 10 spare hours per week, please email me and let’s have a chat!


6. Create three videos – did not happen!

Honestly, I totally forgot about this goal and I can’t say it’s that important anymore because I get to grow my speaking skills doing webinars. There will come a time when this will become a priority again, but I am not sure if this year.


7. Finish content for my free ebook – did not happen!

My free ebook will now be a full featured guide that will be published free on the blog and anyone will have access to it. I managed to at least do about 90% of the research that I was determined to do for the first version of this guide and I have over 3,000 words of ideas and quotes. I am scared to start organizing it, but I will have to do it because I truly believe in its power to help people and to also grow this blog.


8. Write four articles on Male Extravaganza – not even close!

I wanted to, but then I got approved on three other websites to write content for and I immediately had to switch my priorities because the main focus is to bring more traffic to this blog from other websites and for now I will publish my best content on other websites. I have to admit that this was a big goal and a bit unrealistic given that I never published more than two articles per month on Male Extravaganza. Well, I am learning to better set up goals with every day that passes by.

I did, however, write seven articles on where I am a regular contributor on everything a gentleman needs to know from style to self-improvement. Check my profile here!

My top 3 articles in September:

How to Find Your Passion in Your Twenties

8 Books That Will Open Your Mind This Fall

8 Must-Have Pieces for Men This Autumn


9. Write and organize the second webinar – done!

It was easier than with the first webinar, especially with setting up the live pages, autoresponders and all that “behind-the-scenes” work because I had all the templates. I like to believe that the second webinar was a success as well and my main goal is to become more and more comfortable talking to people.


10. Two videos on Periscope – did not happen!

As much as I want to be all over the place and do all the cool ideas that cross my mind every day, I just can’t and I am learning how to better accept this. In my past, I used to get so overwhelmed by all the things I wanted to do and believed that all are equally important for my growth. Over the years, I realized that some things are not even close as important, but, as you can see, I am still learning how to better decide what needs to get done and what needs to be forgotten.


September’s Conclusion

All in all, I have to say that I feel proud with what I’ve managed to accomplish in the month of September given a week of vacation, meetings with our accountant and a lot of other things that got in the way. I can only hope and do my best to accomplish the goals I will set for October – keep reading!


1. Finish 30% of the guide on how to find your passion

This is probably the biggest project of the month because it’s so much workload and I believe I need at least 60 hours to have it ready, which is kinda paralyzing with all the other stuff I have on my plate. I know it’s too “unrealistic” to finish it this month with everything else I have on my plate this month, that’s why I am more than happy to have 30% ready.


2. Finish article for

This one only needs some editing, proofreading and pictures, and it’s ready to be published. Hopefully, it will only take around 3 hours to have it ready. I just cannot wait to see it published because it’s about the lessons that I’ve learned from one of my favorite movies: Kung Fu Panda.


3. Finish article for

This article will be around 1,500 words and I pray God will give me the inspiration to write it as fast as possible. I am going to talk about the most important questions you should ask yourself before you are 30 years old – not all answers are fun, but they are necessary.


4. Finish article for Wingman Magazine

This one will be around 1,200 words long and I am expecting to be a bit easier because I will write a similar (and shorter) article to the one published on this blog about “17 Tested Habits for Bringing Success into Your Life”


5. Find an assistant

The hunt has already started – I posted on Facebook two days ago and I was stunned to see that 25 people shared my post without me even asking anyone personally to do so. It was awesome to be viral.

We have a few applications so far, but we’re confident we can find more people to sign up in the following week. If you think you have what it takes to become our assistant (passion, positivity and excellent English skills) then use this contact form to get in touch!


6. Find a home for my “authenticity” article

You might think that writing an article is the hardest and longer part, but it’s not quite true. Promoting the article is the hardest part and can take up so much time. And, if you’re guest posting, finding a home for your article can be really demanding especially when you’ve put so many hours in writing it – it’s normal to what a home that will give you the best results.


7. Prepare the #3 webinar over at

I am starting to like this webinar thing and I want to keep doing it. This month, I will have to do it earlier because I’ll be in Dublin for WebSummit at the beginning of November which will make it impossible for me to host a webinar.

Not sure about the exact topic of the webinar, but I want to touch on things like: how to launch a freebie, authenticity or how to better connect with your audience by exposing your true self.


8. Set up SumoMe Pro on Estilo Tendances

I keep postponing this project for about six weeks now because it’s very demanding and requires a lot of thinking and at least three days of full focus work, but I believe it can generate at least 10% more email subscribers on the blog if I invest in the premium version and take a few days to fully set it up.



The month of October is going to be a month full of getting out of comfort zones over at Male Extravaganza, but I feel like I need to put myself out there as much as possible if I want to make this blog more successful and if I want to reach the next level in my career and personal life as well.

There will be a lot going on this month because we also plan our trip to WebSummit, it’s Roswitha‘s birthday and, if we manage to add two new people to our team, there will be a lot of teaching in the first month.

How are you planning on getting out of comfort zones and facing your fears this month?